One of the most compelling side missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda involves Ryder investigating the galaxy’s first assassin, with unexpected results.

Mass Effect: Andromeda generally ranked as the worst Massive effect game, as it suffered from terrible facial animations at launch and did not compare to the scale, writing, and plot of the original trilogy. Despite its shortcomings, there were glimpses of what makes the original cool trilogy in some of Mass Effect: AndromedaSide missions, especially one related to the first murder in the Andromeda galaxy.

Due to the long journey from the Milky Way, the events of the Massive effect trilogy has already happened at the time of Andromeda, which makes the problems in the next galaxy somewhat mundane in comparison. Still, the first murder in an entirely new galaxy, cut off from established justice systems in Citadel space, is a fact that will likely be remembered. When Pathfinder Ryder talks to a distraught Turian named Mariette in the Nexus, they discover that her husband, Nilken, has been convicted as the first murderer on Andromeda.

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Nilken was accused of murdering his superior officer and best friend, Reynolds, when Reynolds refused to request an evacuation during a Kett attack on the possible colony planet Eos. When Ryder investigates the crime scene, they discover that it was actually the kett that killed Reynolds, despite a failed attempt by Nilken to kill him. Although Nilken believed that he himself had killed Reynolds, he lied during his trial, casually blaming the kett (one of only two new races in Andromeda).

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The unexpected results of Mass Effect: the first Andromeda murder

The Kadar Harbor Colony from Mass Effect Andromeda

Ryder has two options once the investigation is complete: exile Nilken for Reynolds’ assassination attempt, or exonerate him. If Nilken is allowed to stay on the Nexus, he is sentenced to community service for his betrayal and eventually becomes an outcast. Although he is not actually the first assassin in Mass Effect: AndromedaIn the titular galaxy, the other settlers remember his exploits, thinking of him as a criminal. Unable to stand up to scrutiny, Nilken requests to be put back into stasis until the entire saga is forgotten.

Strangely, exiling Nilken turns out to be the best outcome for him and Mariette. The two end up on Kadara, a planet that is home to many other exiles and disgruntled ones. If the players find them in Kadara after Nilken’s sentencing, the two thank Ryder for giving them a fresh start. Mariette comes to sympathize with her husband’s actions, recognizing them as self-preservation, and the two seem happy in their new circumstances. Mass Effect: Andromeda It may have been a disappointing spinoff game, but there are still some instances where the narrative nuance of the original trilogy shines through.

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