King of the Hill was finally fired in 2010 after a whopping thirteen seasons, but this is why FOX made the decision to end things when it did.

King of the hill He was finally fired in 2010 after a whopping thirteen seasons, but this is why FOX decided to end things when he did. Released in 1997, the brainchild of Mike Judge stands as one of the longest running primetime animated shows in television history. It spent much of its existence as part of FOX’s famous Animation Domination programming block on Sunday nights, along with other full-length shows such as The Simpsons Y Family man. While those two shows are often compared, King of the hill stood out for taking a different route.

Unlike Simpsons or Family man, who delight in exaggerated jokes and take refuge in audacity, King of the hill It’s more of a realistic animated sitcom. That’s not to say things didn’t get crazy or weird sometimes, as it was still a sitcom. Overall though, the triumphs and struggles of Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, their son Bobby, and Peggy’s niece Luanne as they go through their fairly normal lives in the small Texas town of Arlen proved to be much easier. to identify for the majority that the madness found in his contemporaries.

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King of the hillThe long-term success made everything weirder when FOX abruptly decided to cancel the show in 2008, ahead of the already produced season 13 premiere. Reports now suggest a King of the hill Revival is coming, but here’s why its original end was so sudden.

Why did FOX cancel King of the Hill

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Most of the time, when a TV show is canceled by your network, low or declining ratings are the main reason. If enough people in the 18-49 viewer demographic coveted by advertisers are not tuning in, the value of the show is questioned. That is partially the case with King of the hill, as while the ratings for their later seasons were somewhat consistent, they were also markedly lowered from previous years, and that didn’t look very good when shows like Family man they were working much better on the same night. However, the ratings are not the whole story.

FOX was also looking to clear a spot on the Animation Domination lineup for The Cleveland ShowBy Seth MacFarlane Family man spin-off centered on Cleveland Brown and his family. This would give MacFarlane three different animated shows on FOX at once, with american father also running strong. It can be argued that it was a bad decision since The Cleveland Show while running a respectable 4 seasons, it’s really not that well remembered today, and it had a much less lasting impact than King of the hill.

Sadly, FOX did viewers a disservice by not airing season 13, but instead sent those episodes straight to syndication outside of the series finale. Unfortunately, King of the hillThe final episode of the series wasn’t anything special either, as it wasn’t planned in advance to end, and it was basically just a standard installment. Hopefully, the upcoming revival will allow Judge to finish the show on his terms.

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