Kaguya was the final antagonist of the Naruto series and some might argue that it is their biggest threat. Its presence was alluded to in the middle of the Fourth Shinobi War, rising to prominence after the Infinite Tsukuyomi was released once Black Zetsu introduced it.

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However, the role of Otsutsuki has met with great controversy among the series’ fan base, with many claiming that there were more suitable candidates. By identifying who could replace Kaguya and the adaptations history would make for them to do so, we can better appreciate who is worthy of being. Shippudenit is the greatest malevolent force.

10 Failed: Kakuzu’s immortality still wouldn’t challenge Sasuke and Naruto

Kakuzu was one of the strongest members of Akatsuki and a formidable adversary in the Fourth War. His immortality and dominance over most casts made him especially deadly and a serious threat to deal with.

However, he was already defeated at the time of Madara’s confrontation and the resurgence of the Gedo statue. Furthermore, he is driven by greed and would not find a world under the spell of the ideal of Infinite Tsukuyomi, as it would make his coin worthless.

9 Could: Momoshiki could have arrived earlier

Boruto Momoshiki

Momoshiki was first bent to inspect Naruto’s world after Kaguya failed to report her findings. This was partly due to the fact that she had been defeated by the combined efforts of the heroes, and the Otsutsuki member would confirm her suspicions upon arrival.

However, Kaguya was defeated earlier thanks to the combined strength of Hamura and Hagoromo. Thus, it would have been plausible for Momoshiki to come close to the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, especially considering how much destruction engulfed the face of the entire planet. It would have provided a serious (if not insurmountable) threat to Team Seven to deal with even despite the many upgrades they had received.

8 Failed: Toneri’s presence would have been strange and coincidental

Toneri naruto

Toneri’s main goal was to achieve companionship for an otherwise lonely life on the moon. Although he could technically have visited the planet during Infinite Tsukuyomi, it would have been too coincidental and did not align with Zetsu’s plan.

Furthermore, he would have hidden Hinata from view, denying her the woman his heart yearned for. Furthermore, considering that Naruto defeated him by himself, the Otsutsuki member would fail in minutes if Sasuke joined the fight against him.

7 Could: Kabuto has significant power and relationships with team seven

One of the reasons why Kaguya was an inefficient villain was due to the fact that she was not established in advance. On the contrary, Kabuto was among Naruto’s oldest adversaries, debuting in the Chunin exam and progressing as much as the hero.

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Furthermore, his goal of taking revenge on the shinobi world could be facilitated through the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and his preset association with Obito would allow him to get close enough to Madara that he could betray him. Given the many abilities at his disposal, he would make a worthy adversary for Team Seven’s final challenge.

6 Failed: Obito works best as a redeemed character

Obito could have been a decent ending villain for the series. He was established beforehand, he could deal with Naruto and Sasuke (through the use of Kamui and Rinnegan), and he was even in a position to betray Madara himself.

However, he works much better as a redeemed character given his history and connection to Kakashi. Also, betraying Madara like Zetsu did would have made no sense because they both had the same vision of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

5 Could: Zetsu has enough history to make him an attractive antagonist

Zetsu himself would have made a decent ending villain as he had extensive exposure in Shippuden and he was the mastermind behind much of the deepest suffering in the shinobi world. Furthermore, he was a direct benefactor of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and took down Madara himself.

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The only way Zetsu is unsuitable is because of his comparatively low power. However, if he had received a boost (such as tapping into the captured shinobi’s chakra and turning him against Team Seven), he would have been a deadly and no-nonsense last opponent.

4 Failed: Nagato is strong, although her story has already been told

Nagato could have been a challenge to both Naruto and Sasuke when he was under Kabuto’s command. However, considering that he needs a teacher to remain a villain (since he has already found redemption), it would be impossible to cast him as the final antagonist.

Furthermore, he already met with a satisfying and cinematic defeat during the attack on Konoha. While her Six Paths would provide a challenge for both heroes if not mitigated, Nagato does not have the conviction of wishing harm to the heroes of her own free will.

3 Could: Sasuke could have defeated Madara and paid attention to Naruto right away

The story would still have been perfect without Kaguya’s intervention. If Naruto and Sasuke worked together to defeat Madara successfully, they could have had their final battle (already inevitable) without interference from Zetsu or his lover.

Since both youngsters are focusing their power against each other, the narrative wouldn’t have to worry about inventing another villain strong enough to fight both at once. Furthermore, it would bring a conclusion prior to the already infamous and lengthy arc of the Fourth War.

two Couldn’t: Orochimaru isn’t strong enough to fight Sasuke and Naruto

Orochimaru is not strong enough to take on Naruto or Sasuke by himself. The only way to turn him into a credible threat is if he contested command of the risen Kage to fight on his behalf.

However, there are still a number of reasons why he was unable to replace Kaguya. Not only was Madara capable of defeating his new zombie slaves, but Orochimaru couldn’t get close enough to land a fatal blow. Furthermore, the idea of ​​the Infinite Tsukuyomi contrasts with everything the fallen Sannin seeks in a dynamic and chaotic world.

1 Could: Madara was a final great villain without Kaguya’s intervention

The best candidate to replace Kaguya would have been Madara himself. After becoming the Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki, he was already strong enough to pose a threat against the remaining heroes.

If he had anticipated Zetsu’s deception and shot him down, the story would have been much better served, especially since Madara had already established himself for hundreds of episodes and was a nemesis of the Blade before Naruto was born. These conditions would have made him the most compelling final antagonist for the Shippuden story.

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