In a world full of superhumans, inhumans, and other such characters, there is quite a bit of competition for the title of best martial artist.

Shang-Chi is the master of Kung Fu and the most skilled martial artist in the Marvel Universe. Or at least it is one from them. In a world full of superhumans, inhumans, and other such characters, there is quite a bit of competition.

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However, when you think of Marvel’s greatest martial artists, brute force is not enough. There are characters with superhuman speed who were unable to land a single blow on Shang-Chi and there are others with incredible strength that he could easily defeat. Only a few Marvel characters could hope to be in the ring with him.

10 SHANG-CHI: He spent his whole life training in Kung Fu since childhood

Shang Chi function

For some people, martial arts are a sport or a hobby. For others, it is a form of self-defense. But for some, it is a lifelong quest that they fully dedicate themselves to.

Shang-Chi is not just a martial arts expert. He spent his entire life training, and those years of training have paid off. Even as a child, he was better than most adults. Today, he is second to none in his abilities.

9 SO GOOD: Iron Fist is Kun-Lun’s champion who struck a dragon

Danny Rand became the immortal Iron Fist after he struck the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying and ripped out the creature’s heart. Now each of his attacks is infused with chi.

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Of course, superpowers are not what makes one a skilled martial artist. In Danny Rand’s case, he became an Iron Fist only after training in kung fu for years and surpassing all other kung fu students in the heavenly city of Kun-Lun. Shang-Chi has more skill, but when Danny’s chi is combined with his kung fu skills, the two are the same.

8 SHANG-CHI: Has fought multiple enemies in altered gravity

The Secret Avengers # 18 Shang-Chi

One of the most unique stories of Shang-Chi was number 18 of the original. Secret Avengers title, written by Warren Ellis and with art by John Cassaday.

In this story, Steve Rogers led a small unit to a base in another dimension that had its own unique physical rules. Shang-Chi fought his way through hordes of enemies, moving through a new environment with his own gravity rules and making it work to his advantage.

7 SO GOOD: The Prince of Orphans is Z’Gambo’s Immortal Weapon

One of the early heroes of the 1940s is John Aman, once known as the Amazing Man. In the years since then, he has acquired a new identity, the Prince of Orphans, which is the Immortal Weapon of Z’Gambo, a of the Cities of Heaven.

All Immortal Weapons serve another of the Celestial Cities as their champion. Each one must be a world-class martial artist. The Prince of Orphans is one of the most skilled immortal weapons.

6 SHANG-CHI: Has years of experience fighting alongside other superheroes

Shang-Chi with energy nunchunks

It is one thing to fight alongside ordinary people. It is quite another to fight alongside (and against) superhumans, many of whom are capable of brandishing semi-trailers as improvised weapons or firing atomic blasts with their fingertips.

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Not only has Shang-Chi fought alongside various teams of superheroes, he has surpassed most of his superhuman teammates when it comes to his fighting skills on the field.

5 SO GOOD: Colleen Wing is a sword master who once led an elite group of ninja assassins

Jessica Henwick Colleen Wing Iron Fist Defenders

Colleen Wing is dramatically underrated. Along with Misty Knight, Colleen is one of the superhero duo known as the Daughters of the Dragon.

While Misty is a skilled fighter and detective, Colleen is far more skilled and disciplined in her martial arts moves, using her katana to deadly effect. Beyond his skill with the sword, he has trained in judo and karate and can take advantage of his chi. Additionally, he once commanded a group of elite Hand assassins known as the Nail.

4 SHANG-CHI: He worked as a spy and fought against the criminal underworld

Most of the people who practice martial arts do so through competitive sports matches or intense and serious fights. Each of these has a different focus. While Shang-Chi can beat just about anyone else in any of these formats, he developed another skill set while working for MI-6.

As a super spy, Shang-Chi learned a whole set of new skills that, although separate from kung fu, proved useful to him as he was able to combine these skills with his knowledge of martial arts.

3 SO GOOD Daredevil has been training in martial arts since he was a kid

Daredevil kicking Punisher

Daredevil is arguably the greatest street-level hero in the Marvel Universe (though admittedly this is a hotly debated point among fans, all of whom have their own personal favorites).

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The vigilante is blind, but has learned to use his other senses. He was trained as a child to be a skilled martial artist and has since battled ninja assassins, mechs, alien invaders, and demons. He is one of the most impressive martial artists in the Marvel Universe, and he is easily the most skilled who lives in New York.

two SHANG-CHI: embodies mysticism and philosophy within Kung Fu traditions

Kung Fu has mystical and philosophical components, as well as martial qualities. This is not to say that all those who trained in Shaolin kung fu are wise mystics. Most people focus more on the physical components.

Shang-Chi never limited himself to worldly concerns. He has sought wisdom throughout his life, drawing inspiration from Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese medicine. For him, the spiritual components of the different kung fu schools are as important as the physical aspects.

1 SO GOOD: Taskmaster can master any move he sees someone use without training him

Taskmaster Marvel

The supervillain Taskmaster has a truly unique superpower: photographic reflections. This means that he can copy any martial arts or gymnastics move that someone performs in front of him.

If Shang-Chi and Taskmaster ever fight each other, Taskmaster will be able to use every move the hero employs in his fight without having to train on them.

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