Marvel’s Ultraman just had a chance to show even more of his incredible powers in the face of a new threat.

WARNING: The following contains major Ultraman spoilers: The Trials of Ultraman # 2 by Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom, Francesco Manna, Espen Grundetjern, and VC’s Ariana Maher, on sale now.

The latest entry in Marvel’s version of him Ultraman The franchise has seen the titular hero rise to fame after first appearing on Earth and taking on the Kaiju threat. Unfortunately, most people do not believe that interdimensional monsters have invaded their world or that there is a giant alien robot fighting them on our behalf.

To make matters worse, there are those who have decided that the United Science Patrol is to blame for both unleashing and engineering the Kaiju threat, and Ultraman just had his own Man of Steel moment looking at them from above. Ultraman: The Trials of Ultraman # two.

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Ever since they opened the Kaiju Vault, beasts have been appearing all over the world. Interestingly, Dan Moroboshi, the USP agent who disappeared after encountering an Ultra nearly sixty years ago, has also returned. However, the USP couldn’t get to Dan fast enough, and he became a captive of the Joint Armed Outreach Front, a loosely organized terrorist group with a seething hatred for the USP. Rescuing Dan as Ultraman would be easy enough, but doing so could leave the entire world vulnerable if a Kaiju materializes before Shin can return to his superhero form. Instead, Shin and Kiki Fuji go undercover to rescue Dan, which is horrifying when the two of them walk directly into the middle of Dan’s questioning. When the weapons are turned on them, Shin makes the switch to Ultraman just as the bullets start to fly, proving that he is just as capable of taking on ground enemies as he is of giant monsters.

Ultraman jumps straight into the line of fire, taking every bullet that would have hit Kiki. While he’s been seen taking on ten foot Kaiju up to Godzilla-sized enemies, this is the first time he’s absorbed shots without flinching. Ultraman isn’t just stronger than a fast bullet; it is also faster than one. When the weapons are directed towards Dan Moroboshi, Ultraman crosses the room with superhuman speed to protect him.

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These feats may seem small compared to what Ultraman has accomplished thus far, but for a remake of the franchise, they are important details that highlight exactly what the titular hero is truly capable of. Of course, the JADFs aren’t just building up heat, and soon their own giant combat robot crashed into the wall ready to unleash everything it has on its targets.

Hopefully, it won’t take long for Ultraman to figure out how to deal with another new kind of threat, especially considering he only has a couple of minutes to use his powers in the first place.

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