Season 1 of Netflix’s Master of None had Dev participate in an ice cream revenge adventure that, oddly enough, produced the best lesson of the show.

Season 1 of Netflix’s Master of None definitely painted Aziz Ansari’s developer as a wild child, eager for random encounters in New York City, as he was unsure of a long-term romance. It led to a fun adventure that, oddly enough, was fueled by revenge after a bad experience at an ice cream parlor. But while it sounds like this was just silly to laugh at, as the episode wraps up, it actually offers the best lesson on the show.

Dev ends up meeting Claire Dane’s Nina, a high-level food critic, at a party in “The Other Man”, pretending to be her friend after she is chased by a toxic man. They get along well, they smoke pot, and in the blink of an eye, they’re back in their fancy apartment ready to have sex. However, Dev gets out of the adventure when she sees photos everywhere with her and her husband, Mark (Noah Emmerich). It just can’t be someone who encourages cheating and potentially breaks up a marriage.

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However, a few days later, in a store, a man cuts himself in front of Dev, buys the last ice cream and throws it away. The man is obnoxious, intimidating everyone around him and cursing the store, all while on a business call. Dev recognizes him as Nina’s husband Mark and the episode later cuts Dev sleeping with Nina out of revenge. It’s petty but it feels like karma based on Mark’s behavior.

Nina keeps tempting him while enjoying her dates, and even though he wants to abstain, Dev’s love life is stagnant, so he keeps falling in love with her. But one night, Mark’s flight is canceled and he discovers Dev hiding in his closet. It’s one of the funniest moments on the show, as Dev awkwardly tries to walk away amid the arguing couple, who reveal that they frequently cheat on each other.

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The episode ends with Dev trying to hide from Nina and Mark after seeing them in a home store warehouse months later, but they see him with her friend Denise and reveal that there are no hard feelings. In fact, Mark offers a PSA on ego, loyalty, and commitment, indicating that he’s glad everything went well with Dev. He works less as a lawyer, stops drugs, and takes more vacations.

In fact, he is treating Nina well when the ugly parts of the marriage are explained to him. Ironically, Mark now likes woodworking and adds that he wouldn’t knock over a table if he broke his leg; he would just fix it. Dev enlightens seeing them in such a loving, inspiring, and selfless marriage, offering advice that Nobody’s masterThe other episodes didn’t play much.

It’s the best combination in the series, blending comedy and the real world, while also teaching viewers about momentum, consequences, loyalty, and that sometimes it’s not better to cut losses and jump ship. .

Season 3 of Master of None will premiere on Netflix in May.

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