The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was meant to be Marvel’s first step on their new Disney + platform and Phase 4 in general, but for several reasons WandaVision It came out first, garnering a lot of popularity and praise. Wanda Maximoff’s show currently has an 8.1 rating on IMDb, and TF&WS it has that tendency now that it is over.

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As a seven-hour extension of the MCU, there was plenty of room for the show to explore many adventures and themes, some of which turned out better than others. It was a success in many ways, but it failed in a handful of other ways that ultimately hurt it.

10 Got it right: jokes between drivers

Bucky and Sam smile

Like all MCU movies, and hopefully the next ones, the dialogue between the heroic leads should have a light and playful touch. This was the case between the two main characters, who argued like an old couple while fighting evil minions.

Even the villains in the MCU take part in the playful banter, and this series delivered the not-too-serious tone alluded to in the trailers.

9 Fell Flat: Villains

Erin Kellyman as Karli in Falcon and Winter Soldier

It may be a tired axiom to say that a superhero is only as good as his villain, but audiences probably expected someone better than the two main antagonists, Karli and the Global Repatriation Council.

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The GRC positioned themselves on the series as an ineffective global bureaucracy, which unfortunately made them simply an effective villain. And the main antagonist, Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman), bounced between doubt and things like threatening Wilson’s nephew. The showrunners’ efforts to make their character relatable or at least supportive were undermined by their murderous behavior.

8 Did well: Wakandans

Dora Milaje confronts John Walker

The public didn’t want to leave Wakanda afterwards Avengers: Infinity War, given the richness of the environment and its nice people. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier offered the public the best alternative by exporting some of the key characters, and their fighting skills, to join the conflict in Europe.

Although fans did not reintroduce the main players of Panther on white, the series reminded them of the fascinating stories that await Wakanda.

7 Fell Flat: Family Ties

Sam and Sarah talk in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Family dynamics are rarely covered in the MCU, with Ant Man Y Ant-Man and the Wasp as notable exceptions involving Scott Lang. So it was heartwarming to see Sam Wilson with family support to help us continue his journey.

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Unfortunately, Wilson’s sister and nephews only joined the series when it was convenient for the plot, and were often forgotten when other topics took precedence. TF&WS It’s not a sitcom, but more family time would have added more reality to their characterization and made the view more concerned with them.

6 Did well: Zemo

Zemo and Dora Milaje in Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5

Baron Zemo was a very dry and misunderstood character in Captain America: Civil Warso there was definitely room to add more depth to it with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Zemo proved to be just as sarcastic and cunning as the previous films, but also funny, smart, and (remarkably) a lousy dancer.

Zemo’s final moments attending a Sokovian memorial were a fitting bookend for his character, and his role as a compelling villain perhaps too brief.

5 It fell flat: the cap is dead

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier underscores the fact that Captain America, Steve Rogers, is dead and the world must move on without him.

Except it ain’t, like anyone who’s ever seen Avengers Endgame You know: He was last seen as a really old man who jumped down the timeline to give Sam his iconic shield. This is a minor irritant since, for all intents and purposes, Captain America, the symbolic soldier, is actually dead and missing; But it seems strange that the main characters dismiss the man they last saw sitting on a bench in upstate New York.

4 Got it right: John Walker

Wyatt Russell as John Walker in Falcon and Winter Soldier

When John Walker (Wyatt Russell) took on the role of Captain America by government decree, MCU fans howled and plotted his demise. That’s great because it was the point of Walker’s story, as he struggles to take on the mantle in both good and bad ways.

The series did well to portray Walker as a sympathetic character that audiences would love to hate, regardless of where his character lands in the final frame.

3 Fell flat: Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter's Power Agent

Agent Sharon Carter’s character was given little room to make an impression on Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Captain America: Civil War, as a romantic interest or not, and she was completely absent from the Avengers films.

But in TF&WS, Carter’s entire backstory is ignored to provide whatever skill set is required: street fighter, sharp marksman, wealthy benefactor, master of disguise, to fix plot holes. Her final revelation as a (perhaps) world-beating antagonist felt neither realistic nor won.

two Did it right: Bucky Barnes


One of the main themes of the TF&WS it was James “Bucky” Barnes’s path to redemption, featured and then underlined in the first 2 episodes. In fact, his wavering line with Wilson that “… if he was wrong with you, then he was wrong with me,” is one of the show’s best opening moments.

The story of a life of unintentional murder is compelling, and the final episode tackles this arc compellingly. Every time actor Sebastian Stan is given space to do something on screen other than hitting people, which he also does well, it’s emotionally rewarding.

1 Fell Flat: Too many themes

Falcon and Winter Soldier New Captain America

Seven hours of entertainment is a long time to fill with battles, world travel and the exposition “you’re wrong, I’m right”, so it’s a relief that TF&WS you are interested in following more than one plot.

However, the themes explored – family ties, imperialism, redemption, racism, courage, morality – are often discarded or abandoned altogether. There is a compelling story to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is often overloaded with themes and ideas that don’t quite stick together.

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