Molly Hopkins has become a staple of 90 Day Fiancées. Now, he’s opening up about how he ended up on the show in the first place in this exclusive.

While many cast members have appeared in the 90 day fiancé franchise Since the show debuted in 2014, season 5 star Molly Hopkins has become one of the most well-known cast members. Livi Rae Lingerie’s owner is currently dating at 90 days: the single life. The Discovery + spinoff show reveals a glimpse of Molly’s burgeoning romance with Brooklyn PD Kelly. Before her 90 day fiancé began her journey, the mother of two also co-starred Double divas with her best friend and business partner Cynthia Richards. Molly sat down to talk about her rise to reality TV fame on 90 day fiancé in an exclusive interview.

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The outspoken Georgia business owner became known after recounting her relationship with Luis Méndez in season 5. Molly became a fan-favorite cast member due to her bold words and funny comments, but her marriage to Luis he was doomed from the start. While some critics pointed to the couple’s 15-year age gap, it quickly became clear that Molly and Luis were simply not compatible. The couple used to get into yelling fights and Luis, 26, showed no interest in being the stepfather of Molly’s two daughters. Viewers weren’t surprised when the mother divorced her husband in the Dominican Republic after just six months of marriage. While Luis quickly remarried, Molly went on to be one of the franchise’s most successful stars.

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Molly revealed that it was not her decision to appear on 90 day fiancé. It wasn’t even the person who signed her up for the program. Instead, it was her business partner that prompted her to appear on the international marriage show. “Several years ago, my business partner was watching 90 Day Boyfriend. It was his favorite show, he watched excessively and said, ‘Molly, you’re going to kill me.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ She said: ‘I’ve been watching this show. It’s my favorite show, and you won’t believe it, but in the end they asked me if I know anyone in this situation who gets a K-1 visa. The story of Luis and you is so much, so I signed you up. ‘”Molly revealed.

Unsurprisingly, Molly was surprised by the news. Although she had appeared in Double divas, she didn’t know anything about 90 day fiancé when you signed up for the program. “At the time, she was just dating him. [Luis]But we had decided that we would get married. I had no idea what I was getting into with the program or this whole 90-day process.“Molly said. The mother of two now stars in another TV show, 90 days: the single life. This time, he knew what to expect before joining the cast. “I really didn’t hesitate, “she said about Single life. “I only know part of the territory that comes with it, like the fans and the people. People put a lot of faith in television and their perception is their reality. I think for me it was a little different because I have a lot of love for the fans. A lot of women really love me, and I think they just see both sides. “

Her journey into reality television has been facilitated by Molly’s ability to learn her truth. The mother of two always makes sure to live her truth and not allow “csneaky or negative“Comments that affect your trip. Said you know who you are, as well as your mission and purpose. The business owner’s trip in Single life has been much more positive for her than her unfortunate marriage to Luis in 90 day fiancé. Molly is dating a cop named Kelly who is very compatible with the mother of two. Kelly is not only receptive to Molly’s two daughters, but he also has chemistry with Molly. The new couple already participated in an exciting phone call that shows that they could be a franchise couple that will participate in the long term.

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