Apple Clips has received an AR Spaces update that allows iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro users to make use of the LiDAR scanner to customize their rooms.

In the latest Clips 3.1 update, Manzana has introduced AR Spaces, a way for everyone to redecorate their rooms with immersive AR effects. The new feature takes advantage of the hardware advancements packed into the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPad Pro models, and pushes more augmented reality features into its current lineup of devices.

Last year, Apple touted the LiDAR technology included in its 2020 iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The premium lineup promised augmented reality for more casual users. However, as with new features, it has taken time for the software to catch up with the new hardware. When it launched, the devices used the technology for more amazing photos by combining the new processor’s power with the improved cameras. Now, Apple is adding more ways for people to use their iPhone and iPad’s LiDAR scanner.

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Released alongside the iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 upgrades, Manzana has updated its Clips mobile video editing app with a new AR Spaces feature. Once updated, users can point the rear camera into a room and customize their surroundings with special effects. The camera can event detect furniture and objects inside the room and apply the effects appropriately. As the new feature relies on the use of the LiDAR scanner, it is only available with the iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the latest iPad Pro models.

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How To Use The New Clips AR Spaces Feature

iPhone Clips Lidar Effects

The new Clips feature can customize a room using seven readily available effects: Prism, Confetti, Disco, Dance Floor, Sparkles, Stardust, and Hearts. Each effect varies between adding special lighting, immersive effects, or falling objects. Users can shoot in several aspect ratios, including 16: 9 horizontal, 9:16 vertical, or square videos. All of which allows for a variety of different opportunities and Apple even gives a few examples on how to use the new feature, such as creating a dance video with special effects or celebrating a special occasion with confetti.

Besides the seven presets already available, users can also add in animated stickers, emoji overlays, and text labels. Given the possibilities available to Clips users, any AR Spaces content can easily be uploaded to social media. Of course, the app still allows access to the usual slate of video-editing tools as well. Users can even create longer videos for more dedicated projects. Finally, if seven available settings are too few, Apple is promising that more are due to become available within the next few months, and as they relate to the different seasons.

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Source: Manzana

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