The Among Us teammate pink glitch that fans of certain devices have reported will soon be getting a fix, according to InnerSloth’s patch notes.

A pink crewmate sprite bug in Among us recently started appearing on certain platforms; thankfully developer InnerSloth’s patch notes show that a fix will be released soon. Among us‘pink sprite problem It first appeared several weeks ago on Android devices and Chromebooks. The bug essentially makes some crewmates appear as pink rectangles.

InnerSloth acknowledged the bug earlier this month, while also disclosing that the team’s attention had also been focused on a number of other issues. One of those issues included a glitch where the random names changed during each game. Lately, several players have also been stuck in quick chat mode. Interestingly, many of these glitches didn’t start to wreak havoc on the popular multiplayer title until after the release of Among usAirship update, which InnerSloth rolled out late last month on March 31st.

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In a “development record title, ” InnerSloth Shared patch notes for an update that does not yet have a firm release date set in stone. However, whenever the patch arrives, Android and Chromebook users can expect the reign of terror of the pink sprite glitch to come to an abrupt halt. The next update will also address a host of other issues, namely correcting the alignment of “PLAYERNAME quit the game.“, the vital signs color bug, and various scaling / format related issues. The team is also addressing the aforementioned quick chat bug, allowing players to switch chat on Among usConfiguration menu. Nintendo Switch-specific fixes will also be included in the impending patch, one of which should ensure that “Sabotage menus should no longer replace the imposter minimap.. “

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Everything between us Next big update

Without a release date set, there is no way of knowing when InnerSloth will be ready to implement the above changes for Among us. However, at the very least, fans know for sure that some of the bigger issues are in the process of receiving a fix.

Among us It was originally released in the summer of 2018, but it didn’t start making waves until last year. And the online title has only continued to grow in popularity over the course of the past few months. The game is now set to expand its reach even further by coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass sometime this year.

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Among us is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

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