Dragon Ball Super strongly hints that Vegeta will become a God of Destruction – here’s why that achievement will complete his redemptive story.

If Vegeta becomes a God of Destruction in Dragon ball super, his long road to redemption would finally be complete. Introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta provided the first great evil of Goku’s adult life. As the prince of the planet for which he was named, Vegeta was one of many Saiyans who rampaged across the galaxy, conquering worlds at the behest of Freeza. Wishing he had enough power to overthrow Frieza, Vegeta then visited Earth to find the Dragon Balls … but instead found a best friend. Thanks to Goku’s influence, he is now married with children, he fights enemies with honor and Dragon ball super He has even seen Vegeta deal morally with the bloody history of his people.

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Dragon ball super He has also dropped many hints that Vegeta will eventually replace Beerus as the God of Destruction of Universe 7. Studying with Whis, Goku and Vegeta are the ones. only contenders to replace Beerus, and since Goku is too good-natured, Vegeta is only up to the job. This eventuality was foreshadowed during Vegeta’s Tournament of Power fight against Toppo. Although the Saiyan scoffed at his opponent’s ambition to become a God of Destruction, Vegeta evenly fought Toppo, showing that he was already on par with a deity. The Dragon ball super The manga has been even more explicit: Beerus not only teaches Vegeta the characteristic technique of the God of Destruction, but the lazy purple cat gifts his student with the same golden earring that he and the other gods wear.

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Vegeta would be a perfect God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super, benefiting both the universe and his own character. Although today’s Vegeta is virtually unrecognizable from the sarcastic and bloodthirsty Saiyan who came to Earth several decades ago, a semblance of those darker tendencies remains. Even now, Vegeta still feels like a bad day from blowing up a stadium full of innocent people. However, ascending to the role of God of Destruction would provide an outlet for Vegeta’s Saiyan fury, allowing him to fly planets without submitting to those Saiyan instincts.

More importantly, Vegeta as God of Destruction would complete the Saiyan prince’s long arc of redemption. Ever since the Majin Buu saga (and perhaps even before), Vegeta has been slowly atoning for past sins, sacrificing himself against the bad guys, training a young protégé in Cabba, protecting the people of New Namek from Moro, and more. The best consequence of Vegeta becoming God of Destruction is that he can control Universe 7 of warrior races like the Saiyans, preventing the same tragedies he caused in the past from happening again. With Frieza resurrected and criminal organizations like the Heeters at work, the Dragon Ball The world is full of enemies who conquer and subdue peaceful worlds. It is the duty of a God of Destruction to maintain balance, which means that Vegeta would be responsible for protecting the planets from those who destroy with reckless abandon. How fitting that the prince who once terrorized innocent civilizations completes his redemption by defending worlds from the evil tyrants that have risen since the Saiyans were annihilated.

For so long, Vegeta’s main motivation in Dragon Ball has been surpassing Goku. Everyone knows that is never going to happen, and the character would be better served with a new direction. Taking on Beerus’ responsibilities as God of Destruction (no doubt reluctantly) would finally give Vegeta a different purpose than desperately pursuing a lost cause in his quest to defeat Kakarrot.

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