Fans can sleep in the smoosh room and get a call on the ducks’ phone during their stay at the Jersey Shore house, but it will cost them a hefty bill.

While onlookers of a lifetime The Jersey Shore In fact, they can rent the house the roommates stayed in each summer, there are a few things you need to know before planning your trip to the famous seaside house. The original house of the The Jersey Shore cast is located in Seaside Heights, NJ, right on the boardwalk. The once simple seaside house has since become a legendary place to stay.

The original eight roommates first entered the The Jersey Shore house in 2009. Although the cast has changed a lot since then, the house has remained exactly the same; well maybe it’s a little cleaner now. After the show came to a close, the house became available again for the public to rent. The roommates have since returned to the house for some occasional visits seen in the spinoff series. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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Fans will have to spend a lot of money to stay in the house. Mike “The Situation” and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi became rising stars. According to Showbiz, an overnight stay at the famous seaside house during the summer season can cost around $ 3,000. The most a guest has paid for a night inside the house is $ 3,500. If fans wanted to pay a visit during the winter, which is considered the off-season on the coast, an overnight stay can cost around $ 1,200. If this price is too expensive, fans also have the option to tour the house. You can have ten minutes to take a look at the house where the cast had some of their best binge moments for just $ 10 per person. Unfortunately, the house does not currently offer rental options; however, tours are still available.

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Danny Merk, who was the head of the cast at the Coast Store, still owns the house to this day. The house is located on top of their storefront on the coast where the cast spent the summer working. Although it is not for sale, Zillow He currently gives the home an estimated value of $ 465,957. It’s perfect for large groups with 6 bedrooms, as well as a full kitchen and dining room. La casa de la costa includes numerous amenities as seen on the show, such as a rooftop deck overlooking the boardwalk and beach, along with a deck grill. And of course the infamous duck phone still resides inside the house. Perhaps one day in the future, the children of the cast will take a trip together to the house on the coast. Mike said he could see them having their own spinoff series when they were older.

The cast weren’t the only ones who changed their lives when they signed on to the show. Danny Merk really changed his life when he agreed to let a group of strangers film a show inside his house that, at the time, he didn’t even know would be successful or not. It is unknown whether the original The Jersey Shore the house will once again be available for rent to the public; however, the store on the coast remains open year-round, as well as the option of taking a tour.

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