Although it still needs thousands of votes to be successful, a LEGO Ideas project could lead Prince of Persia to a surprisingly accurate block shape.

If it generates enough support, an unusual kit proposed at LEGO Ideas would allow buyers to build displays from the original 1989 version by Jordan Mechner. Prince of Persia, complete with enemies and even health bars. The project needs 10,000 fan votes in 58 days for a LEGO panel to consider real-world production, which is not guaranteed.

Mechner designed Prince of Persia while at Broderbund, basing it on inspirations such as the Arabian nights and the Errol Flynn movie The Adventures of Robin Hood. Players navigate dungeons and then a palace to rescue a princess from the Grand Vizier Jaffar, dueling the guards and avoiding traps such as pits and spikes. The game is often considered the template for all subsequent puzzle platformer games like Braid, Indoors, or Little nightmares, and the 2003 reboot series was so popular that it spawned a 2010 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact, LEGO released movies with themes Prince of Persia set that year.

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The Lego ideas project, seen by GamesRadar, contains enough gray and gold blocks to build any dungeon or palace screen against a black background. The backdrop also includes holes, in which people can place decorations such as torches, windows and doors, all made in Prince of Persiaart style. Minifigures include the Prince, Princess, Jaffar, a skeleton, and two guards. The landscape incorporates things like rats, treasures and spikes, and the creator of the project says that two or more sets can be combined, something that could theoretically allow people to build entire levels, though probably only horizontally.

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The project has only 95 supporters at the time of this writing, which means that it will have to attract considerable attention to cross the 10,000-vote threshold. Even with popular endorsement, the LEGO Ideas panel could still decide against production, either because Prince of Persia it is too niche or some aspect may be difficult in mass production. The former is more likely because the series has been inactive since 2010. The forgotten sands. A remake of one of the most popular games, The Sands of Time, has been delayed without a new release date.

LEGO and the game fandom overlap in many cases, and Prince of Persia It has been ported to dozens of platforms, including the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. So, while it can’t be played on modern consoles, it’s likely that many people have interacted with the franchise in some way, or at least its sequels. , sometime during your childhood or adolescence. That could give the LEGO Ideas project enough momentum to get out of the models and into the hands of the people.

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Sources: Lego ideas (via GamesRadar)

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