Introduced in 1998 as one of the two leads in Capcom’s survival horror classic. Resident Evil 2, Claire Redfield has become a mainstay of the franchise and a fan favorite, starring in several of her own games and spin-offs that make up the expansive Demonic resident universe.

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New fans were reintroduced to Claire with the release of the hit. Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, many may wonder what he has been up to for over two decades of Demonic resident contents. However, the series is more than just games, with movies and comics filling in the gaps between the main titles. Claire stars in several of these side stories, helping to give fans a taste of what she’s up to when she’s not solving obtuse puzzles in zombie-filled police stations.

10 I did not take out the umbrella

A very upset Chris Redfield

In one of the endings of the original Resident Evil 2, As Claire and her fellow protagonist Leon ride off into the sunset after escaping their local secret Umbrella Corporation lab, Leon looks at Claire and declares in that glorious PlayStation One-style voice acting, “Hey, it’s up to us to eliminate! Umbrella! “

They both seem excited at the time, but it seems Claire had different ideas, because the next time they see her in a Demonic resident game, it’s been three months and apparently all he’s been doing is looking for his missing brother, Chris. Maybe she and Leon decided not to bring Umbrella out after some more thought.

9 I have a new outfit

Claire Redfield in Resident Evil

During the three months between the events of Resident Evil 2 Y Resident Evil CODE: Veronica in which Claire was looking for Chris, she found time to change her outfit in preparation for the events of the next game in the series.

Now sporting a new jacket and jeans, Claire clearly thought a lot about selecting these clothes because it holds up well while attacking two separate Umbrella facilities during the course of the game, one of which was in Antarctica. Obviously he also bought a couple of machine guns, which is certainly practical.

8 Joined a bioterrorism aid NGO

Resident Evil Code Veronica Poster

After finally reuniting with his brother Chris during the events of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, Claire partnered with a non-governmental humanitarian organization called “TerraSave”, formed after the Racoon City incident to provide medical assistance to survivors of bioterrorist attacks (which are common in the RE world).

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The group was also formed to coordinate public protests against corporate or political entities suspected of trafficking in biological weapons, which is definitely a worthy cause as buying deadly mutagenic viruses on the black market is as easy as grabbing a bag of potato chips at Demonic resident.

7 Rescued another girl

Claire and Sherry in Resident Evil

During the events of the animated film. Resident Evil: DegenerationClaire’s work takes her to the city of Harvardville, USA, to participate in organizing a protest movement against US Senator Ron Davis, a politician known for having invested in shadow biotech companies.

A zombie outbreak occurs, naturally, and Claire is tasked with protecting a young woman named Rani Chawla, a survivor of another bioterrorism incident in the custody of TerraSave. This sort of thing seems to happen to Claire a lot, as she spent a lot of Resident Evil 2 trying to keep another young woman named Sherry Birkin alive.

6 I tried to fight the zombies with a real umbrella

Resident Evil Degeneration banner

While trapped in a zombie-infested airport after an unfortunate turn of events for her job at TerraSave, Claire found herself unarmed, in the dark, and tasked with protecting a handful of survivors with much less experience in zombie outbreaks. than her. After hearing what sounded like someone in distress, Claire arms herself with a literal umbrella to go investigate.

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One has to admire his ingenuity here, but if the classic Demonic resident Games are an indication that sometimes it is better to just avoid zombies than to attack them with a melee weapon, especially if that weapon is an umbrella. Fortunately, shortly after he meets Leon, who is more appropriately armed.

5 He discovered the truth behind a T virus outbreak

Claire and Leon with the senator

As he struggled to stay alive during the Harvardville incident depicted in Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire began to unravel another biotech conspiracy associated with the incident, this time involving a pharmaceutical company named Wilpharma, a United States senator, and a shady black market deal with a foreign military officer.

Claire eventually discovers that a man named Frederic Downing, Wilpharma’s principal investigator, was a former employee of the Umbrella Corporation (responsible for the events of the first two games) and had orchestrated the outbreak to demonstrate the efficacy of the T and G viruses a a man he planned to sell them to on the black market.

4 Responded to an outbreak on a reality TV

Claire Redfield in a white coat

After the events of Resident Evil Revelations 2Claire, who was still working with TerraSave at the time, was tasked with investigating the deployment of possible biological weapons on the tropical island of Tortuga Sound, the main setting for the spinoff manga series. BIO HAZARD: Celestial Island.

However, prior to his arrival, the cast and crew of the reality series in the universe Idol survivor it had been attacked by T-virus zombies, among other bio-organic weapons that emerged from the jungle. Claire was then tasked with uncovering the truth behind the outbreak and bringing the survivors to safety.

3 Decapitated a tentacle monster with a rocket launcher

A tentacle monster attacks in Resident Evil

While investigating the Turtle Sound incident, Claire discovered that the island had been a long-established biological weapons testbed and that the entire operation had been managed by a man named Dr. Dirk Miller, a longtime follower of the antagonist. from the Albert Wesker series.

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two He continued to hang out with Sherry

Sherry and Chris in Resident Evil 6

Sherry Birkin (the daughter of prominent Umbrella researcher William Birkin, whom Claire met in Resident Evil 2) is a girl who lost both of her parents during the Racoon City incident, but managed to survive the ordeal thanks to the help of Claire and Leon.

Sometime before the events of Resident Evil 6, an older Sherry became an agent working for the United States government on bioterrorism issues. At the same time, Claire was understandably busy working with TerraSave, but an extra file in resident Evil 6 reveals that despite the circumstances the two are struggling to see each other when their schedules allow.

1 He avoided starting a relationship with Leon

Lion in Resident Evil 2

To the endless dismay of Demonic resident fans with an eye for shipping, the task that Claire has apparently been most engaged with between titles is to avoid any possibility of a relationship with Leon, an outcome many consider an obvious match. However, it is not worth being overly stressed; the franchise has always had a hilariously ambivalent approach to romance.

This situation has resulted in a number of prevalent fandom memes, including one that shows an increasingly erratic Chris Redfield desperately trying to pressure Leon into a relationship with his sister.

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