Thor: Love and Thunder is set to introduce Russell Crowe as Zeus, one of the MCU’s strongest heroes. So where was he during Phase 3?

Thor: love and thunder he’s ready to introduce Russell Crowe as Zeus, one of the most powerful figures in the MCU. Zeus could defeat Thanos singlehandedly, so the movie may need to address what the Olympian God was doing during the events of Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers Endgame.

While Marvel has yet to confirm the introduction of Zeus in the MCU, Crowe himself stated that he will play Zeus in the upcoming Taiki Watiti movie. Thor: love and thunder. Crowe joins Christian Bale, who is playing Love and thunder the villain Gorr the God Butcher, as one of the most prominent additions to the MCU in a long time. While Zeus’s exact role in the events of the film is unclear, the character’s immense power suggests great potential for moving forward, even if Crowe’s appearance is expected to be somewhat brief.

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Zeus is the ruler of the Olympian gods, a race of superhumans. As their ruler, the gods refer to Zeus as the Heavenly Father and he is by far their most powerful member. The MCU’s version of Zeus is very similar to Zeus from Greek mythology. He is the God of Thunder and Wisdom, and the father of Hercules, who could be a possible replacement for Thor in the MCU. As the most powerful of the Olympian Gods, Zeus would have been able to completely dominate the Mad Titan, but he was nowhere to be found during Phase 3 of the MCU. He’s not the first character to force this dilemma on the MCU; Chloe Zhao’s Gilgamesh Eternal it would also probably destroy Thanos. But Zeus is even more powerful than Gilgamesh and would have defeated Thanos with particular ease.


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Zeus has superior strength, speed, and agility. It is essentially immortal and also features a healing factor. He has been deemed capable of defeating the Hulk and even Galactus. Thor’s father Odin has been one of the few Zeus-worthy challengers in the comics, so it will be interesting to see who the MCU designates as stronger: the Skyfather or the Allfather. Odin (Anthony Hopkins) has passed away in the MCU, and with Gorr the God Butcher on the loose, Zeus could be in danger as well. It is possible that Gorr will miraculously hunt down and defeat Zeus, highlighting the extent of his threat to Thor and the MCU as a whole.

Still, the question remains where a mighty God like Zeus was during Thanos’ reign of terror. The seeming entirety of the universe eventually came together to defeat Thanos, so it seems unlikely that a figure like Zeus would have stood idly by while Thanos wiped out half of humanity. This nagging question could just be a simple narrative gap in Phase 4 of the MCU, or it could be addressed directly. Perhaps Gorr and Zeus were already embroiled in a conflict during the events of Infinity war Y Endgame, keeping Zeus occupied with a completely different threat to his existence. Whatever the case, Thor: love and thunder It’s sure to be an explosive entry into the MCU, with one of the most powerful characters fans have seen now making his MCU debut.

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