Spider-Man has saved many people over the years, and in the most recent chapter of Curse of the Man-Thing, he revived a hero in an incredible way!

Warning! Spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing # 1!

Spiderman He is well known for being a friendly neighborhood hero you can always count on in a pinch, and staying in line with that fact, he went above and beyond by bringing an iconic Marvel hero back to life. Man thing It may be an acquired taste for some fans, but his resurgence is a huge development at Marvel Comics, and it’s all thanks to the one and only Spider-Man.

Seen at the end of the last issue of the Man-Thing mini event to get to the comic stands, The Amazing Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing # 1 by Steve Orlando and Marco Failla with Minkyu Jung, shows the Avengers in a precarious situation as they battle a version of the Man-Thing controlled by the villainous Harrower. Diving in and interacting with the final tangled remains of the real Man-Thing to speak with their trapped host, Ted Sallis, in an attempt to try to convince the man to seize his fate and properly return the Man-Thing. Members of the Avengers, including Captain America, find that this is an easier task said than done.

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Sallis told Cap to find Spider-Man’s scaly green villain turned good, Curt Connors, aka The Lizard, to help find a way to push back the growing stalks of Harrower’s Man-Thing that have terrorized the world. , Connors admits that he has no influence over the monster Sallis believes he has become, leaving a small number of options for success. And he’s here, after a few encouraging words of wisdom from The Lizard himself that Spidey can “… convince him to get hold of the monster in him,” Spider-Man dives into the Man-Thing to see if he can. make one last attempt to bring Sallis back to his senses.

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Jumping into the mass of vines that brings him face to face with Sallis, Spider-Man immediately sets the boy down for a stern conversation with a kind of mentoring that only Spider-Man can pull off. Being honest and crude with his words, Spider-Man understands Sallis’s struggle to make a selfish mistake that ended with him becoming the Man-Thing, and in talking about his own experiences, Spidey relates to the man by bringing many of the his. missteps to the forefront.

Saying that he understands where Sallis is right now and that he can still take responsibility for his part in the birth of the Man-Thing and, by extension, wreaking havoc around the world, Spidey makes sure to add the qualifier that Sallis you can get rid of this. imprison and control Man-Thing again only if Sallis so decides. Say, “You made a bad choice, Sallis. You did it. So what are you going to do now? “Spider-Man concludes the liveliest of all pep talks for a man who needed to hear exactly what Spidey was saying.

So when Spider-Man jumps out of the Man-Thing’s wreckage, a tense moment passes before the pile of creepers begins to move, grow, unfold and reveal that Sallis has not only taken responsibility for his self-proclaimed mistake, but that has decided to bring the Man-Thing back with him. Spiderman could have brought Man thing Back to life with a few words of choice, but as he mentioned before, it’s all up to Sallis for doing the hard work.

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