Ahead of Star Wars Day, LEGO announces a stunning new build-to-display R2-D2 set that allows fans to bring their favorite droid to life.

Star Wars Fans can build their own trusty R2-D2, thanks to the awesome new LEGO set.

Released on May 1, the LEGO R2-D2 Droid Figure (75308) It is ideal for collectors and those who want to show off their complete work. The 2315-piece set comes with a buildable display stand for the figure, as well as a special Lucasfilm 50th anniversary LEGO brick.

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The new LEGO R2-D2 set launches on May 1.

Although it is intended for display, R2-D2 can still be part of the action. The figure features a rotating head and a retractable half leg. Builders can also adjust the figure’s periscope and front hatches, or rotate around Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hidden in a compartment in the droid’s head. At 31 centimeters (12.5 inches) tall and 20 centimeters wide (7.5 inches), the set is the perfect complement to any Star Wars or LEGO fan collection. The LEGO R2-D2 Droid Figure Set is currently priced at $ 199.99 and is intended for builders 18 and older.

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The set is part of LEGO’s Star Wars One-day event, which lasts from May 1 to May 5, which includes special offers such as VIP giveaways and free sets with certain purchases. The toy company has launched a variety of products ahead of the event, such as the Star Wars Helmet collection featuring Darth Vader and Boba Fett helmet sets. While waiting for the new season of the show, The mandalorian Fans can also choose The Child set to build alongside his R2-D2 figure. Fans can keep up to date with event promotions by following the LEGO Twitter page.

The new LEGO R2-D2 droid figure officially launches online May 1 at 12am EDT.

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