Amazon drops the first trailer for The Tomorrow War, a sci-fi epic starring Chris Pratt as a teacher recruited to fight a future war.

The first teaser trailer for The war of tomorrow has arrived. Directed by The Lego Batman MovieChris McKay, The war of tomorrow is an original science fiction tale starring Chris Pratt as a high school teacher who is recruited by soldiers from the future to fight an increasingly terrible war. As alien threats grow closer to destroying humanity, Pratt’s Dan Forester must team up with a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and her father (JK Simmons) to save the planet from total extinction.

Once upon a time, The war of tomorrow it was scheduled for theatrical release around Christmas last year. However, the coronavirus pandemic, of course, delayed most of the major films of 2020, including this new action movie. The war of tomorrow It was rescheduled for a July release this year, but with theatrical releases still a risky move, Paramount sold the film to Amazon. Now, The war of tomorrow It will launch on Amazon Prime in more than 240 countries and territories on July 2, offering a decidedly different kind of summer movie experience. The first signs of promotion began yesterday, when Amazon released a batch of official images.

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Now, The war of tomorrowThe teaser trailer has arrived courtesy of Amazon. Fans can get a first look at Pratt’s latest sci-fi adventure, which promises to be quite different from his past outings. It’s a short sneak peek, but it hints at the great battle ahead. Check out the trailer below.

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Several of the trailer’s shots fit the Tomorrow war images that were posted yesterday, giving a little more context to what is happening. Up to this point, The war of tomorrow seems to be using the Jaws method of keeping your monsters – in this case, aliens – a secret to create suspense. Images of a burning city and blood-spattered crystals give the impression of a formidable foe, and the lack of a clear vision of a single alien promises a terrifying revelation that is on the way. If the aliens from The war of tomorrow It will stand up to creatures from past movies, but this is a sneak peek that does a good job of engaging audiences.

The war of tomorrow it was clearly meant to be seen on the biggest screen possible, and it’s a shame it isn’t. Still, at least it’s finally going to be released to the public instead of staying on the shelf for a bit longer. For those who want to see a traditional blockbuster this summer, but are still wary of venturing into theaters, The war of tomorrow so far it feels like the perfect solution. Hopefully Amazon will release a longer trailer soon so we can get an even better idea of ​​what to expect from this exciting journey.

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  • Tomorrow’s War (2021)Release Date: Jul 02, 2021

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