As the main character in One Punch Man, Saitama is often expected to take out his enemies in no more than one hit. However, in just two seasons thus far, there have been a handful of villains that have required a bit more effort, and some a bit less.

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While Saitama has a solid kill count under his belt for a Class B hero, he doesn’t always take the situation seriously. It’s often exciting to see Saitama live up to his name, though it’s also fun to see a direct battle between the protagonist and whoever decides they want a piece of him.

10 Other: defeated the underground king by landing on him

Saitama Trampling Underground King Clipped

Saitama didn’t even throw a single punch before this fight ended. Before defeating the true Underground King, Saitama demolished dozens of underground creatures in a dream moments before waking up to reality. Being driven by the fight of his dreams, Saitama may have started the actual fight a little too hot.

Saitama jumped out of the window and landed directly on the Underground King, kicking him in the head that killed him instantly. He then turned to the underground minions, and they immediately flew the white flag indicating surrender.

9 One-Punch – One Shotted Marugori (meatloaf)

Saitama beating Marugori

This villain was the result of his selfish brother wanting to use power for himself without undergoing such a monstrous transformation. After drinking a strawberry flavored concoction that her brother created, Marugori shot up hundreds of stories high and was able to destroy dozens of city blocks simply by generating enough force with her hand.

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Despite his power, Saitama was too strong for the giant. Marugori slammed Saitama to the ground and unleashed many powerful blows, thinking that he had won. However, in typical fashion, Saitama emerged unscathed from the barrage of attacks and proceeded to end the fight with a powerful blow that seemed to break Marugori’s neck, instantly killing his gigantic foe.

8 Others: inflicted only minor blows to garou

While the official Saitama vs Garou battle has yet to come, the two have already unintentionally crossed paths a couple of times. Both times, Saitama was able to beat Garou without even trying, so a full fight may not end as well as Garou would like.

In one case, Garou was getting in the way of Saitama doing his shopping, so Saitama does quick work with Garou tapping his shoulder with a karate. In another, Garou sees that King is not paying attention and decides to go after him. Fortunately for King, Saitama’s reflexes are lightning fast and he was able to counter Garou by kicking him through a tiled wall. In both cases, Garou was knocked unconscious.

7 One-Punch – Pluto, King of the Underworld

Pluto was an incredibly short-lived villain and it certainly would have been a problem if Saitama wasn’t around. Despite being a huge creature from the underworld, it didn’t take Saitama long to finish off this Dragon Level threat.

Pluto barely managed to get through his opening monologue explaining who he was and why he was there before Saitama pierced his face and exited the back of his neck. It’s a shame fans never got to see what that trident was supposed to be used for.

6 Other: Mosquito Girl only requires a slap

Mosquito was one of the first villains Saitama defeated, and it was essentially purely by accident. Saitama wasn’t near Mosquito Girl until he chased a wandering mosquito all over town after failing to squash it at home.

Genos was already impressed by Saitama when he was able to survive Genos’ incineration attack without a single burn. When Saitama leaned back and simply slapped Mosquito Girl with such force that when he impacted the building behind her it caused it to explode, Genos was begging Saitama to become his disciple.

5 One-Punch – Carnage Kabuto in Carnage mode

Carnage Kabuto was an incredibly powerful fighting machine that was supposedly the slightly insane crowning achievement of the House of Evolution. At the beginning of the fight, the fans thought the worst when they saw Saitama being thrown like a rag doll.

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However, the audience quickly realized that Saitama’s internal monologue had nothing to do with the fight in question and was simply worried about missing a sale. Once Saitama thinks he missed the sale, he takes out his frustrations on Carnage Kabuto with a single punch, thus immediately ending the fight, much to Dr. Genus’ surprise.

4 Other: Geryuganshoop was overtaken by a pebble

While Geryuganshoop had one of the most powerful telepathy skill sets, he was still no match for Saitama. At one point, Geryuganshoop used a telepathic gravity well technique to try to crush Saitama, but all he did is kill all the crew members that were in the room.

Geryuganshoop follows with a shower of small debris in an attempt to pierce Saitama. Saitama then points out that Geryuganshoop is wasting his powers by throwing pebbles. It doesn’t take telepathy to throw pebbles, as illustrated by Saitama at the end of their fight.

3 One-Punch – The upper half of the Deep Sea King exploded

The King of the Deep Sea was one of the villains who managed to stay for more than one episode. Before Saitama arrived on the scene, this guy was able to tear apart several heroes, including Saitama’s disciple Genos. Although it’s a lot to Genos’s credit, if he hadn’t sacrificed himself for a little girl, he might have won the fight.

Luckily for Genos, and a very bloody Mumen Rider, Saitama arrived just in time and did some quick work with the giant fish monster. This may have been the first time that Saitama’s power was on display in front of an audience. After receiving a punch to the back of the Deep Sea King’s head, Saitama delivered such a powerful punch that the upper half of the creature exploded and it stopped raining in the immediate vicinity.

two Other: Lord Boros, the ruler of the universe, needed a serious punch

The fight with Lord Boros may have been the best fight Saitama has had to date. While he still didn’t try very hard, it lasted the longest fight fans have seen with Saitama. It was actually the first fight fans heard Saitama yelling out his different attacks, as this was the first fight where he was able to use multiple techniques.

It wasn’t until Boros was on the verge of doing serious damage to the city that Saitama decided to upgrade his normal consecutive hitting game to a serious finishing blow. While Boros was still hanging by a thread afterwards, he was in no condition to continue and died shortly after.

1 One-Punch – The Old Centipede Centichoro Disintegrated

Centichoro before attacking

Saitama’s most recent one-hit triumph in the anime came as a result of defeating Centichoro, the largest and most powerful of the centipede monsters. This massive insectoid creature was getting away with Genos, Silver Fang, and Bomb before King lured her in by taunting her and mentioning his deadly enemy, the number one S-Class hero, Blast.

Just before the lights seemed to go out for King, Saitama stepped in at the last minute to save the day, as usual. The force of Saitama’s blow was enough to disintegrate the seemingly infinitely long monster. After a feat like this, fans are very excited to see the next dragon-level monster go down after a hit from the Caped Baldy, or rather One Punch Man.

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