Daniel Warren Johnson is creating the new Beta Ray Bill series and as a result has just crossed over with the Image of Johnson series, Murder Falcon.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Beta Ray Bill # 2

Acclaimed comic book creator Daniel Warren Johnson just hung an easter egg with his Image comics Murder Falcon character in his new series Beta Ray Bill. While comic creators often make cameos of the characters they own, it is a practice that has become increasingly rare in a world where the largest comic book companies protect their IPs.

As of publication in 2018, Daniel Warren Johnson’s Killer hawk is a heavy metal series about a young man named Jake. Although Jake used to be a guitarist for a metal band, everything changes when he experiences a major loss. His pain seemingly stops with the arrival of a being known as the Murder Falcon. Murder Falcon, or Murf as he is often known, comes to earth to defeat monsters. However, Murf can only do this when Jake smashes his guitar. The series concluded in 2019 after 8 issues.

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Now, Johnson has returned Murf and Jake to an amazing place, the Marvel Universe. Johnson’s new Beta Ray Bill The series sees Bill leaving Asgard after enduring years of disrespect from Asgardians in general and Thor specifically. He retreats into space in his huge Skuttlebutt ship. After being adrift for some time, the ship warns you that an unknown life form has arrived on your ship. Although Bill eventually discovers that it is Skurge who has come aboard, eagle-eyed viewers will notice a cameo from Murf and Jake who are inhabiting one of Skuttlebutt’s cabins.

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Beta Ray Bill Murder Falcon

Although the easter egg is certainly nothing more than a fun easter egg, Beta Ray Bill Y Killer hawk share more than just Daniel Warren Johnson. Both series are named after strange-looking creatures who have a good heart and a strong sense of justice. However, more than Murf, Bill remembers Jake more. These two are characters who are able to overcome their pain and the feeling of loss to become true heroes. The loss plays a large role in Johnson’s work, including his widely praised series for DC, Wonder Woman Dead Earth.

Regardless of the thematic connection, however, this cameo is a poignant tribute to the comic book that established Daniel Warren Johnson as one of the leading talents in the comic book industry. Killer hawk is an incredible series that takes an exaggerated premise and turns it into something serious and incredibly sincere. Stripped of all the cynicism and overt darkness that often plagues modern comics, Beta Ray Bill Y Killer hawk They are two series with more connection than their acclaimed creator.

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