Doctor Who: Missy # 1 reveals that River Song wasn’t the only person connected to the Doctor in Stormcage, the Master was there too!

Warning: Contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Missy # 1

The hit series Doctor who has revealed that an incarnation of the Master was locked in the same prison as Professor River Song. The life of a time traveler is never easy; it’s hard to avoid meeting people out of sequence. That makes love and marriage even more complicated. The Doctor has always been aware of this, of course, but even he was shocked when he first met Professor River Song.

The Doctor took centuries to unravel the mystery of River Song. She eventually learned that she was the daughter of her classmates Amy and Rory, conceived within the TARDIS, and that she had been kidnapped as a child for use as a weapon. In fact, she was not only the Doctor’s wife and lover, but she was also the person incarcerated for killing him. The crime of (apparently) killing the Doctor meant that River Song was sentenced to a maximum security prison called the Stormcage, though of course it broke out with entertaining frequency.

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Doctor Who: Missy # 1, by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata, reveals that River Song was not the only person connected to the Doctor who was imprisoned in Stormcage. Another of the prisoners was an early incarnation (possibly the first) of the Master, the Doctor’s nemesis, who had apparently been sentenced to a spell on the Stormcage after being defeated by the Third Doctor. Interestingly, this appears to have been during the period when the Doctor was still exiled to Earth, meaning that he was unable to control his former enemy.

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Doctor Who, Master Stormcage

Stormcage is becoming an increasingly intriguing prison, simply because it appears to house several inmates with knowledge of time travel; the villain in the Doctor who the episode “Rosa”, Krasko, had also been imprisoned in Stormcage; he knew how to use a vortex manipulator and recognized a TARDIS. It’s possible that Stormcage was specifically designed for the purpose of containing time travelers, which would mean that other notable enemies of the Doctor could end up there as well.

The Master is actually divided by his future self, Missy, although he does not recognize her and she pretends to be the Doctor to kill him. Interestingly, it doesn’t take long for the Master to literally stab his opponent in the back when he discovers a sword and attempts to duel “the Doctor.” Whatever type of prison Stormcage may be, it is now the site of a battle between two versions of the Master, which means things are sure to get complicated in the future. Doctor who stories. Luckily this first Master hasn’t heard of River Song; he would target her if he thought she was the Doctor’s wife or his killer, either to get to the Doctor or because he couldn’t tolerate anyone else killing his enemy.

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