The Power Broker twist at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier means that Sharon Carter failed her great-aunt, Peggy’s legacy for the second time.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Revealing that Sharon Carter is indeed the Power Broker means Peggy Carter’s legacy in the MCU has once again failed. Marvel Studios ‘second Disney + series had a solid, straightforward story following Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes’ new adventure in a post-Infinity Saga world. But it did feature a twist: the revelation that Sharon has taken a villainous turn and is now the criminal mastermind known as Power Broker.

Introduced in Captain America: The Winter SoldierNick Fury commissioned Agent 13 to keep an eye on Steve Rogers, who was still adjusting to his life in modern times. When SHIELD fell, it joined the government through the terrorist task force, effectively engaging it during the battle of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. Sharon betrayed her organization to help Steve Rogers and Team Cap, resulting in her being branded an enemy of the state. Years later, he resurfaced in the MCU in Madripoor, where Sam and Bucky learned that he is engaged in high-end art on the black market. However, it turns out that valuable artifacts aren’t the only thing he sells; He is also creating super soldiers and making money from their services.

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On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier In the post-credits scene of episode 6, Sharon was totally forgiven and her old job returned, as Sam promised when they reunited in Madripoor. However, it appears that she is hell-bent on her evil ways as the series Sting also revealed that she has no intention of stopping their illegal operations. It’s unclear what her motivations are considering she can rebuild her life now that she’s back to work for the US government, but whatever the case, this highlights how Peggy’s legacy once again failed. While she’s operated on the same principle her great-aunt did for most of her MCU arc, almost starting a romantic relationship with Steve immediately after the death of the SHIELD founder isn’t just disgusting, it’s disrespectful. for your memory. . To be fair, the former Captain America was actively involved throughout their flirtation period which culminated in a kiss. But things are different and much worse this time, Sharon becoming a Power Broker is a decision she made on her own.

Sharon Carter's Power Agent

Marvel Studios did not go into details on how and why exactly Sharon became the Power Broker. However, it was strongly implied that she resorted to illegal ways to survive after being essentially abandoned. While Ant-Man and Hawkeye were able to reach a house arrest agreement and the rest of the Team Cap members were able to continue in contact while hiding from the authorities, no one verified what happened to her, even though her life was at stake. danger simply because he decided to help Steve and his team.

With this in mind, Sharon turned evil to fend for herself was somewhat understandable, but choosing to continue to be on the side of evil after being forgiven is definitely a mistake. Considering she was even called Agent Carter, the same nickname Peggy had during her days on active duty, during her reintegration ceremony made this that much worse as it highlights how Sharon is supposed to be her great-aunt’s successor. .

At this point, there are a couple of future MCU projects where Sharon Carter may appear afterwards. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Ultimately, she could be the villain of the reports Captain america 4 movie centered on Sam’s Star-Spangled Avenger. Otherwise, you may also consider Armor Wars as you are looking to sell weapons on the black market. It is currently unknown whether or not Sharon is redeemable after her villain turn, but if Peggy knew what she is doing, she would most likely be very disappointed.

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