Pokémon GO players at level 40 can go up to level 50 using XP Candy. Here are some tips for finding and growing more.

Pokemon go recently updated its candy system. Players who would normally catch, hatch, or transfer their Pokémon would be rewarded with some treats. Each candy could serve to improve the player’s Pokémon or help make it stronger. However, Niantic has now included XL Candy, which has some differences from the candy that is already in the game.

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XL Candy can be extremely useful for players who want to increase the strength of their Pokémon. Unfortunately, growing it can be a bit difficult. Players looking to increase the amount of XL candies have come to the right place!

XL Candy in Pokémon Go

XL Candy is a new resource that only players who reach level 40 can get. These candies will allow high-level players to level up their Pokémon to higher levels than before. Where the game used to limit a Pokémon’s level to 40, players can now increase the strength of their Pokémon to level 50. Therefore, as soon as a player reaches level 40, they can immediately increase the strength of their Pokémon. as long as you have an XL candy.

Each XL Candy is linked to a particular Pokémon. Players who want to level up their Blastoise beyond the level 40 cap will need to get their hands on some Squirtle XL Candy. Because this resource is an end-game item and because it can make already strong Pokémon even more powerful, players can assume that the resource will be harder to find than normal candy. However, there are some methods to find this difficult-to-locate item.

There are a few methods for collecting XL Candy currently available. Players can catch unevolved forms of Pokémon, catch evolved, legendary, or mythical Pokémon, trade Pokémon with friends, hatch eggs, transfer Pokémon, walk with a friend, or turn normal candies into XL candies. Players will also have the opportunity to find Rare XL Candy. Rare XL Candy works similar to normal Rare Candy. Currently, the only way to obtain Rare XL Candy is by converting Rare Candy into Rare XL Candy. Currently, the only known way to collect this resource is to level up beyond level 40. One or two pieces of Rare XL Candy should drop for each level.

The best way to collect XL Candy is by catching Pokémon, particularly evolved Pokémon. As of now, it is unfortunate, but there is no way to guarantee receiving XL Candy when catching Pokémon, which is different than how players get normal candy. But there are some situations where players are guaranteed XL Candy.

Base Pokémon (like Pikachu) most likely don’t have any guaranteed XL candy. A Pokémon in the first stage of its evolution (think Venusaur) is guaranteed at least one XL Candy. A Pokémon in stage two (like Blastoise) will guarantee two XL Candy. Legendary Pokémon are guaranteed three XL Candies, which is the highest amount players can collect at one time.

Community days and events are always the best days to try these things out. Community Days will often offer players the opportunity to pick up an item they have been looking for, and XL Candy is no exception. On Community Days, it can also be beneficial to create the Pokémon you want to get XL Candy for and use as a friend. Although the Buddy method is not a guarantee, it will increase the player’s chances of finding more XL Candy for this Pokémon.

Aside from catching and trading Pokémon, one of the quickest ways to get XL Candy is to convert standard candy. Players will need 100 pieces of standard candy to turn it into a single piece of XL Candy. This method isn’t always the best, but players who find they have a large supply of certain treats from a community day or event will love using this method.

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Pokemon go it is now available on iOS and Android systems.

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