Before Kakashi became the leader of Team 7 and Itachi became a member of Akatsuki, they were both members of ANBU Black Ops. While not much is known about the ANBU except that they wear masks, have a scary and dark skill set, and complete secret missions, it is clear that Kakashi and Itachi who went through together while working for ANBU had an impact on both of them.

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Although the “Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops” arc is a filler, it does shed some light on the important backstory of two tortured souls, Kakashi Hatake and Itachi Uchiha, whose sole mission was to protect the people and the village they they loved.

10 Both men join ANBU on the order of someone they admired

After failing to protect his two teammates, Rin and Obito, Kakashi lives an extremely tortured existence, feeling lost and desperate for his ability to protect the people he cares about. The Fourth Hokage, who was also the sensei of Kakashi and his two dead teammates, cares for him and encourages Kakashi to join the ANBU.

Itachi, who was a ninja prodigy from a young age, joins the ANBU after being suggested by the Third Hokage, Lord Danzo, and Itachi’s father, the leader of the Uchiha Clan. Although each of the men has his own agenda for Itachi in the ANBU, he thrives. Itachi does it so well that Kakashi even claims that he thinks Itachi will surpass him as ANBU.

9 Both men join ANBU at a very young age

Both Kakashi and Itachi were extremely skilled from a very young age, they were both children of skilled ninjas and were expected to do well. Although this may seem like a terrifying experience for such a young boy, both men were expected to become great ninjas from a very young age. They had already experienced tragedy and violence when they joined.

Kakashi, who became a chunin at age 6 and a jonin at 12, joins the ANBU at 13. By the time Kakashi joined the ANBU, he had already fought a ninja war and experienced the deaths of his teammates. . Itachi had a slower progression, becoming a genin at age 8 and then a chunin at age 10. He joined ANBU at age 11, officially making him the youngest ANBU member in history.

8 Itachi is assigned to Kakashi’s team.

Before Itachi is assigned to the ANBU, Kakashi talks about the newest member with the Third Hokage, who expresses that Lord Danzo has suggested Itachi for the ANBU. You agree that it is a wise decision.

The Third Hokage informs Kakashi that Itachi will be joining his team. However, Kakashi is concerned that Itachi is too young, even though he joined ANBU at such a young age. Kakashi does well as Itachi’s captain, defending him and guiding him on his first mission.

7 Both men have the sharingan

Kakashi, whose teammate and good friend was Obito Uchiha, received a Sharingan eye from Obito after losing his in battle. As Obito believes that he is about to die, he offers Kakashi his own eye to replace Kakashi’s eye. Kakashi uses his eye to become the Copy Ninja and although he is not a true Uchiha, he becomes an even greater ninja due to the power of the Sharingan.

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Itachi, a member of the Uchiha clan, awakens and masters his Sharingan at the age of 8. At age 12, after witnessing the death of Shisui Uchiha, Itachi awakens his Mangekyo Sharingan and becomes an extremely skilled Genjutsu user.

6 Kakashi and Itachi’s first mission is “unofficial”

Kakashi and Itachi’s first mission is described as “unofficial” and secret. They are tasked with following another team sent on a diplomatic mission to exchange scrolls with the Prajna Group. The ANBU members are ordered to kill the Prajñā Group, as they are believed to be traitors.

The two members of ANBU work together very well. They attacked and killed the Prajñā Group without injuring themselves or the other Hidden Leaf ninja. Might Guy is horrified by what has happened and speaks out against the opposing ninja being killed, but Kakashi claims that the assassination is the work of the ANBU.

5 Danzo feels that both Kakashi and Itachi possess “darkness”

When Might Guy approaches the Third Hokage to become an ANBU member to keep an eye on Kakashi, the Hokage refuses and claims that Lord Danzo looks for a particular quality in ANBU members, darkness.

Kakashi, who has witnessed the deaths of his teammates, his sensei, and his father, has considerable inner turmoil and certainly possesses darkness. Itachi, a boy who will silently kill and follow orders, possesses darkness in his ability to act violently and put aside his emotions to achieve his goals.

4 Itachi is warned about Kakashi

After Rin is killed by Kakashi’s Chidori, he is considered a friendly assassin. Others see him in the village as someone who will stop at nothing to complete a mission, even if he has to kill his teammates. Clearly, this is what all of Kakashi’s internal turmoil comes from.

Before his first mission, other members of the ANBU warn Itachi about Kakashi. However, Itachi doesn’t seem to be worried or afraid of Kakashi at all. Itachi would soon have a reputation similar to Kakashi’s.

3 As their captain, Kakashi advises Itachi

When the other ANBU members test Itachi, Kakashi defends Itachi and claims that he is no ordinary shinobi. On their first mission together, Kakashi points out that the ANBU are different because they must stay in the shadows, apart from other ninjas, and cannot enjoy the comforts.

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Itachi is eventually promoted out of Kakashi’s team, but continues to feel responsible for Itachi. After the murder of the Uchiha clan, Kakashi partially blames himself. He feels that he should have done more to guide Itachi and that if he had, perhaps Itachi would have acted differently.

two Itachi plays the role of the double agent and questions Kakashi’s loyalty.

Itachi has a unique role as a member of both ANBU Black Ops and the Uchiha clan. His father hopes that he will inform the Uchiha clan of the village leaders’ intentions against the Uchiha clan due to the growing tension within the village. Meanwhile, Lord Danzo and the Third Hokage wait for Itachi to inform them of the Uchiha’s intentions as they plan a coup against the village.

Itachi is under a lot of pressure playing double agent for his family he loves and the town he loves. He asks Kakashi about his Sharingan and asks if, even though he is not a true member of the Uchiha clan, his possession of the Sharingan makes him feel loyal to the Uchiha. Kakashi tells Itachi that his Sharingan reminds him to protect his teammates.

1 Kakashi is relieved of his duties from Anbu after the murder of the Uchiha Clan.

After the tragic night in which Itachi is forced to choose between murdering his clan or protecting his village, he runs to join Akatsuki to watch over his actions and protect his little brother, Sasuke. His fellow villagers consider him evil, and Kakashi is filled with regret and sadness.

The Third Hokage sees the good in Kakashi and decides to relieve him of his ANBU duties. The Hokage requests that Kakashi become a master of the new genin. Although all of his first students fail his teamwork test, the same test that the Fourth Hokage had given his team, he finally accepts Team 7. With his new team, Kakashi gets a second chance at what he feels he failed. before. and confronts the younger brother of his former partner.

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