Kaz Brekker from Shadow and Bone hates rival crime boss Pekka Rollins, and the Six of Crows novels explain his revenge. Here’s why Kaz wants revenge.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Shadow and bone season 1 and the Six of crows novels.

Shadow and bone Kaz Brekker’s bitter hatred from the season 1 show towards rival crime boss Pekka Rollins, but it doesn’t explain why Kaz hates him so much. The details of that backstory are revealed in Leigh Bardugo’s novels. Six of crows Y Crooked kingdom, which primarily focuses on Kaz and the rest of his Ketterdam gang, the Dregs. Future seasons of Shadow and bone It will probably reveal more about Kaz’s past, but the story of his revenge against Pekka is already known to those who have read the books.

In the Grishaverse books, Kaz Brekker, originally called Kaz Rietveld, was born in the village of Lij in Kerch. After the death of their father, Kaz and his older brother Jordie arrived in Ketterdam with some money in their pockets to start a new life. Kaz was only nine years old at the time. Unfortunately, the boys were scammed out of the money they brought in by none other than Pekka Rollins, who later went by the name Jakob Hertzoon. After being scammed by Pekka, the brothers were forced to live on the streets, where they struggled to survive.

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The scam alone would have been enough to earn Kaz’s ire, but his hatred for Pekka runs even deeper for a more tragic reason. Due to their poverty, the Rietveld brothers were incredibly vulnerable when Ketterdam was struck by the Queen’s Lady of the Plague. Both children contracted the disease and, although Kaz managed to survive, Jordie was not so lucky. Both brothers were assumed dead after fainting from fever and were later loaded onto a barge packed with the corpses of plague victims. Young Kaz escaped and swam to shore using Jordie’s corpse as a flotation device, an experience that traumatized him for the rest of his life.

Shadow and Bone Freddy Carter as Kaz Brekker

It is understandable that Kaz held a man especially responsible for the death of his brother: Pekka Rollins. Due to Pekka’s scam, he and Jordie were robbed of their ability to protect themselves, indirectly leading to the older boy’s death. Kaz’s work with the Dregs gang (also called the Ravens) and the rapid ascent through the Ketterdam underworld was all in the interest of attaining enough power that he could one day claim his revenge, his visceral hatred for Rollins and the wish never to be weak. or naive again that underpins everything Kaz does.

Of course, Pekka Rollins himself does not remember his connection to Kaz; to him, Kaz and Jordie were just two more credulous and saddest marks in a long list of people Pekka has cheated on. On Shadow and bone Season 1, during a scene where Pekka confronts Kaz for stepping on her territory, Kaz asks if the two of them have made a deal before. Pekka says they haven’t, which shows that he doesn’t realize that the would-be crime lord in front of him is the same guy he scammed years ago. It’s an insult to be remembered so little when Pekka ruined Kaz’s life, but it’s also an advantage to Kaz that Pekka doesn’t know who he is, and Kaz Brekker always uses every advantage he can get. Yes Shadow and bone stays true to the books, which could lead to some interesting developments for Kaz in the future.

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