In anime, a quick and easy way to show how evil villains are is to give them a taste for human blood. Of course, vampires are probably the most famous example of bloodsuckers in anime, if not all of fiction in general. In addition to vampires, anime is known to sometimes portray certain yokai, oni, and even witches with a thirst for blood. Even the jiangshi, Chinese zombies that are traditionally driven away by blood, are sometimes portrayed as bloodsuckers in some stories.

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Much scarier than monsters are human villains who have developed a taste for blood. Most of the time, this is because they want to humiliate the hero they have defeated in combat. Other times, they get lost in the heat of battle and end up biting off more than they can chew … literally.

10 Grimm Dowa: This witch takes blood from women to disguise herself as a human

Grimm Dowa Witch's Crystal Ball

The episode “The Crystal Ball” features a witch who imprisons a princess to feed on her blood and maintain her human form. In the process, the princess is reduced to a decomposing corpse. It is established that the witch killed the hero’s mother in a similar way and stole her identity. Twenty men are also said to have died trying to save the princess.

Ultimately, it is the hero who finds the titular crystal ball, the only thing that can destroy the witch, and rescues the princess. Interestingly, the blood drinking part was added to the anime and was not part of the original story, where the witch was the hero’s mother and a supporting character.

9 One-Punch Man: The Monsters Association Has Its Own Vampire

One punch man pureblood vampire

Pureblood is a Mysterious Being and part of the Monster Association. He is a literal vampire and, as his name implies, he feeds on blood. This gives it regenerative powers. That said, not all blood tastes the same to him, as he disliked Zombieman. He claims to come from a distinguished line of vampires and his powers are impressive. However, Zombieman was able to defeat him in a fight.

8 One Piece: Rob Lucci is as thirsty for blood as a leopard

Rob Lucci is an antagonist in the One piece franchise that, thanks to the Devil Fruit, has the power to transform into a leopard.

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This shape not only makes it easier for him to draw blood, but he seems to have a fondness for things. He was once shown licking the blood from his claws after using them to pierce Luffy.

7 Inuyasha: Even the other Yokai moth thinks Gatenmaru is creepy

Gatenmaru inuyasha

Consuming blood is not inherently bad for the Inuyasha universe as Myoga, a friendly flea yokai, is treated as a mere nuisance. Not to mention, it comes in handy when someone needs to have the poison removed. Mosquitoes and yokai bats are also known to drink blood, but the “good guys” are known to prefer animal blood to human.

That said, many villains use it for rituals and drinks. Gatenmaru is one of the most notable, being a yokai moth that can feed on blood using its long tongue. It is even known to dry out women. Other moth yokai, including Gatenmaru’s own brother, find this habit repulsive, implying that it is not a necessity for their species. More famously, Gatenmaru was so disgusting that he scared Inuyasha by wanting to be a complete yokai.

6 Shaman King: Boris Tepes Dracula is not a vampire but he still acts like one

Boris Tepes Dracula Shaman King

Boris Tepes Dracula is said to be a distant descendant of the historic Dracula. In fact, he is not a vampire. On the contrary, the main objective of his family is to get revenge on humanity for treating them as vampires.

Ironically, his plan for revenge involves claiming to be a vampire and using his shamanic powers to become more vampiric, to the point where he can drain blood. He does this using his bat wings, turning his victims into dust. He was also shown biting Lyserg’s neck. Finally, he is impaled by the Archangel Michael.

5 My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga is really in blood

Himiko Toga is the lovable member of the League of Villains. She is quite obsessed with blood, and has been shown to openly crave it. Her mask even comes with needles to help her draw blood.

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It turns out that his Quirk requires him to ingest a person’s blood to take on his appearance. This could be a salute to the heroine of Tokimeki tonight, a magical vampire girl who could transform into anyone who bites. Stain, who has the Bloodcurdle Quirk, also needs to feed on his victim’s blood for his powers to work. Unlike Himiko, she is not shown to really crave it.

4 Naruto: Hidan needs blood to maintain his immortality

Hidan in Naruto Shippuden

A lots of Naruto the characters seem to have a fondness for blood. Take, for example, Anko, who licks blood from an open wound on Naruto’s face after an attack. Hidan is half of the zombie pair and needs to acquire blood from his targets to attack them by forming a link between his body and theirs. The blood also seems to help him maintain his immortality and he will return to being mortal if he stops killing. While he can survive a beheading unlike a real vampire, it turns out to be his last ruin.

3 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dio Brando combines blood with red wine

gave brando

Dio Brando is one of the main antagonists of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. He is a vampire, so human blood is a natural delicacy for him. That said, you don’t mind a glass of red wine to go with it. Vampires are a complicated subject in this series. Their fangs are primarily cosmetic, as they drain blood with their hands. Blood isn’t exactly a necessity for them, but it allows them to regenerate, heal wounds, and maintain youth. While they can turn other people into fellow vampires, they prefer to turn their victims into mindless zombies.

two Black Clover: The Witch Queen uses blood magic to control and create blood

The Witch Queen uses Blood Magic in a world where each character can wield a different element, allowing her to create and control blood, but her powers are not as straightforward as they seem. In the sense of literally using blood, he is capable of manipulating and even transferring other people’s blood for some of his spells. On the other hand, she actually has the power to create blood and use it to heal, effectively turning her into the opposite of a vampire.

1 Frieza: if the blood falls on him, he will lick it

Frieza licking blood

Frieza is one of the most famous villains of the Dragon Ball franchise and one of the most famous villains in anime history. Frieza does not actively seek blood to drink, but he seems to enjoy having his opponents bloody when he faces them in a fight. And if you get a little blood on your face, you won’t hesitate to lick it. That’s one way to savor a victory.

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