A fan-made miniature golf course in Animal Crossing: New Horizons uses decorations to become a pirate lover’s dream, complete with a pirate chest.

A fan-made miniature golf course in Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is inspired by piracy across the Seven Seas. Nintendo’s incredibly healthy life simulation title launched in March 2020 and continues to receive developer support in the form of updates and events. The game is the newest title of the Animal crossing series that began in 2001.

The Animal crossing The series has always focused on creativity and player expression, and the games give players the tools to design and customize their own home and city. This focus on creation also results in a great deal of fan art and fun tributes from the games’ player base. Many players use Animal crossing as a platform for creating videos, called “machinima”, and many of them are exceptional works of art. Many of these videos are fun and upbeat, like a cross between Animal crossing and popular indie game for mobile Among us, but some pieces of machinima address themes of the series such as consumerism and romance.

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A Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan on Reddit, MeganHarperART, They recently shared a pirate-themed miniature golf course that they built in-game. The course contains a number of thematically appropriate decorations, such as cannons and treasure chests overflowing with gold. The start of each hole is clearly marked, and the holes are also represented by custom-made flags displaying the infamous pirate skull and crossbones insignia. While it is not actually possible to play a round on the field, it is still an incredible creation that must have taken a good amount of time.

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Mini golf AC 2

Mini golf AC 1

While many Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players display their creations in the game, it is also possible to create a game piece in real life. Build-A-Bear Workshop collaboration with Animal crossing allows customers to create teddy bears that look like Isabelle and Tom Nook, two of the most iconic characters in the game. While both Animal crossing Characters were sold out almost instantly after launch, Build-A-Bear recently announced that they were back in stock and available for purchase.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with a host of tools and then lets their creativity run wild. Some fans pay tribute to the series by drawing fan art or creating in-game art. However, recently a talented artist who fit in with all the characters in New Horizons in a single illustration. This freedom of expression has resulted in a host of exciting creations, and custom builds still continue to appear frequently. As additional updates add even more resources to the game, New Horizons it remains even more valuable to creators.

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Fountain: MeganHarperART / Reddit

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