In the original game, Yuffie and Vincent were optional characters. So why does Yuffie get an episode in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but not Vincent?

Yuffie is showing up early in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series, as it stars in the next Rest DLC. Some fans may have wondered why Yuffie stars in the DLC about Vincent Valentine, who was the other optional member of the group in the original. Final Fantasy 7.

The Rest DLC for FF7 remake will add two new chapters to the game, both starring Yuffie from FF7. Yuffie sneaks into Midgar along with Wutai’s associates, as they attempt to steal a Supreme Matter from the Shinra Corporation. She forms an alliance with Avalanche HQ, which is currently at war with Shinra. Yuffie’s content seems to go along with the events of Remake of FF7, as shown spying on the Avalanche members after they return from their second bombing mission.

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All Yuffie content on Rest it’s new. On FF7, Yuffie was first encountered after the group emerged from the Mythril mine. Yuffie never mentions any adventures in Midgar and it is unclear exactly what she was doing before meeting Cloud in FF7. The developers of FF7 remake are greatly expanding Yuffie’s story in Rest, in such a way that it adds to the main story. This raises the question of why Vincent has not received the same treatment.

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FF7 Remake: Is Vincent Sleeping During Interval?

Vincent from Final Fantasy VII cover

The problem with including Vincent in his own DLC is that he is currently posted. Vincent seals himself in a coffin at Shinra Mansion and is there until Cloud meets him in FF7. The timeline confirms that he is there before the events of FF7, when the Turks find him in his coffin in Before the crisis. Vincent’s arrival in Midgar at this point in the story would be a major departure from the original timeline, and it really wouldn’t make sense. Vincent also has an extensive history with Shinra Corporation and Sephiroth’s backstory. It makes more sense to introduce Vincent after the Kalm flashback, once the player knows more about Cloud and Sephiroth’s past.

The fact that Yuffie is not taken into account at this point in the story means that she is the perfect candidate for DLC. Nobody knows how the rest FF7 remake the games are going to work, so it is possible that Vincent will receive his own equivalent to the Rest DLC in a future game, once it makes more sense to include it.

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