The X-Men have had a wide variety of costumes and redesigns over the years, but now they have firmly returned to the superhero outfit in X-Men # 1!

Over the years, Marvel’s X Men have adopted a wide variety of styles, ranging from mainstream superhero costumes to black leather ensembles, but are now firmly back in their superhero outfit at a first glance at artist Pepe Larraz’s pages for X Men # 1, available in July.

When the X-Men first appeared in 1963, their costumes were blue and gold uniforms that resembled traditional superhero costumes. Over time, the costumes became more individualistic, highlighting the powers and personalities of the characters and forging unique styles for the characters. Still, these costumes still looked a lot like the traditional ones that other Marvel superheroes wore. That changed when writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quietly took over the franchise in 2001. They ditched the flashy superhero looks in favor of sleek black leather suits, however, when Morrison’s career ended, the Xs -Men had a more classic look again. In recent years, since the establishment of the mutant island nation of Krakoa, costumes have taken on a whole new meaning, culminating in the Hellfire Gala, an opulent event showcasing the best in mutant fashion. Part of the Gala will be the unveiling of a new X-Men team, and at a special first look, readers can see the X-Men firmly back in superhero territory (and disguise).

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X Men Associate Editor Annalize Bissa led Twitter recently to reveal the pages of Pepe Larraz for X-Men # 1. The black and white illiterate pages show the new team in action and the emphasis is clearly on great superhero action, with the X-Men battling a giant monster in downtown New York. Readers can see the makeup of the new team, which includes Cyclops, Jean Gray, Rogue, Synch, and Wolverine. But what may be more striking is the fact that the team is dressed in classic-looking outfits, especially Jean Gray. Check out Larraz’s preview pages, courtesy of Bissa, below:

From the House of X event in 2019, the paradise island of Krakoa has become the center of Earth’s mutant population. It is his homeland. Customs and traditions, such as code names and costumes imposed on them by the outside world, are recovered, adopted, and become part of a new and emerging mutant identity and culture. Here, the X-Men wear superhero outfits, but now it’s because they want to, and not because garish costumes are the only way humanity finds mutants likable. The Hellfire Gala will be the next step for mutants to reclaim their own identity; It will emphasize fashion choices and also inaugurate a new X-Men team.

Over the years, Marvel’s mutants have had a variety of styles and interpretations and with X-Men # 1, they are firmly back as superheroes, costumes and all. X Men # 1 It will be written by Gerry Duggan with art by Pepe Larraz and colorist Marte Gracia. The book will be available in stores and digitally on July 7.

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