What’s remarkable about the storytelling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that everything is a chain of events. The Loki The Disney + series will take the God of Mischief on a time travel adventure, one in which he will revisit kingdoms like Asgard, Earth, and events that happened on his own timeline.

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It is best to remember everything that is relevant to this time variant version of Loki, that is, the events of Thor Y the Avengers are of the utmost importance. However, there were also things that happened in movies like Thor: Ragnarok Y Avengers: Infinity War which led to Loki the series being possible, and a full summary of Loki’s timeline reveals the most important points to remember.

10 Odin’s discovery of Loki’s abandonment

Thor Loki as baby

None of Loki’s activities in the MCU would have been possible if Odin hadn’t discovered him in Jotunheim. Although he was the son of King Laufey, Loki was left to die for being small and weak for an Frost Giant.

This gave Odin the idea of ​​taking Loki as his son to one day place him as the King of Jotunheim once he came of age. It was the combination of Laufey’s abandonment and Odin’s plans for Loki that ultimately shaped his days as Prince of Asgard.

9 Thor being insulted by the ice giants

Interestingly, the Avengers would not have formed if Thor had not been called “princess” by an Ice Giant in Jotunheim. That’s because this is what led him to attack the Frost Giants, which led to the war between Jotunheim and Asgard.

Loki himself would not have discovered his true nature as an Frost Giant had it not been for his part in the skirmish in Jotunheim, as he learned of this after he was unaffected by an Frost Giant’s attack. This eventually led him to attack Earth in the Avengers and conformation of the formation of the titular team.

8 Thor’s banishment from Odin

Odin talking to Thor.

Loki had not planned to banish Thor from Asgard when he let the Frost Giants in, as his intention had simply been to expose Thor as a weak successor to Odin. The All-Father eventually banished his firstborn to Earth, placing Loki as his successor.

This later made Loki deluded into the idea of ​​becoming king, as he confessed that he had never wanted the throne until he had it. But once he did, Loki sought to permanently banish Thor to Earth.

7 Loki forcing Odin to fall asleep

Frigga and Loki next to Odin's bed

In hindsight, it’s more than likely that Loki’s disdain for Odin could have been resolved if the latter hadn’t fallen for Odinsleep. Because of this, Loki was unable to fully hear Odin’s side of the adoption story and ended up making his own assumptions that Odin didn’t really love him.

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This event made Loki think that he needed to prove himself a worthy son, after which he devised the plan to trick Laufey in Asgard as a way to kill him in hopes of impressing Odin with the death of his sworn enemy.

6 Odin’s rejection of Loki

Loki falls on Thor

Loki was derailed in his plan to prove himself to Odin when he decided to commit genocide against Jotunheim. This brought him into conflict with Thor, resulting in both brothers being precariously positioned on the edge of the Bifrost Bridge.

Odin was revived by this and managed to get hold of the duo, but he also rejected Loki’s claims that he had done so for Odin’s approval. Faced with the reality that his father did not recognize what he had done for him, Loki decided to drop into space, where he ended up meeting Thanos.

5 The destruction of the bifrost

Loki wears his helmet when Thor prevents him from using the Bifrost on Thor

The Battle of New York would never have escalated the way it did if the Asgardians had gotten involved. However, this was not possible due to the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge in Thor, which means that the most advanced civilization in the Nine Kingdoms was cut off access to Earth.

Their destruction came down to Loki’s use of the Bifrost Bridge as a way to destroy Jotunheim. To prevent this from happening, Thor chose to demolish the bridge, thus foiling Loki’s plan and leaving the Asgardians in their own realm.

4 Loki’s theft of the Tesseract

The status of the Tesseract is one of the long-standing questions that Loki The series should respond, with Tesseract being the cause of the original Loki’s disappearance. It was supposed to have been destroyed on Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok but Loki couldn’t help but grab it before the evacuation.

Ultimately, Loki sealed his own doom through this move when Thanos realized the location of the Tesseract and traced it back to the Asgardians in space. It was by extracting the Space Stone from the Tesseract that Thanos finally completed the Snap and set the Avengers Time Heist in motion.

3 All of Loki’s betrayals

Although full details are scarce, what is known so far about the Loki The series is that the Time Variance Authority has placed the titular character under Mobius M. Mobius due to his many betrayals over the years. All of Loki’s sins have come back to haunt him since TVA deemed him expendable as a result.

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If it hadn’t been for Loki’s habit of stabbing people in the back, he wouldn’t have been alone and friendless, which ultimately contributed to his insecurities. Not to mention that reforming from his treacherous ways is the main theme of the Loki Serie.

two Loki’s death at the hands of Thanos

Despite what happened between the two, Thor and Loki considered each other brothers, and Loki died in his attempt to protect Thor. On Avengers: Infinity War, Loki made one last effort to kill Thanos by stabbing him with a hidden sword, only to die himself as a result.

Thor was consumed with revenge for his brother’s death and decided not to kill Thanos in Wakanda right away, choosing to pierce his chest to gloat in his face that he would make him suffer for killing Loki. This allowed Thanos to complete the Snap, which set the Time Heist in motion, ultimately leading to the escape of the alternate Loki after the Battle of New York. In essence, the death of the original Loki ensured the survival of the alternate.

1 Hulk taking the stairs

In-universe, the only way the Disney + series has been possible is because the Hulk is refused to take the elevator in Avengers Endgame. After the Battle of New York, the Hulk was forced to climb stairs and eventually stormed the lobby, prompting time-traveling Tony to drop the Tesseract.

This fell to Loki, who took this as his chance to escape, thus altering the timeline as he was supposed to be taken to Asgard. It is this fracture of the timeline that put Loki on the Time Variance Authority’s radar and this variance of Loki time is the focus of the Disney + headline show.

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