Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller promises new “great features and systems” coming to Blizzard’s hero shooter after Jeff Kaplan’s departure.

Jeff Kaplan’s departure from the post of Supervision The game director won’t stop the team shooter game from getting further improvements, according to Blizzard, as it is reportedly getting big changes and new features soon. Last week, the company announced that Kaplan was leaving Supervision after nearly two decades in the studio.

The unexpected release of the ad was accompanied by a note from Kaplan, who shared a few words about his 19 years at Blizzard, saying that creating for such a passionate audience was “the honor of a lifetime. “Kaplan has not yet provided any specific reason why it decided to part ways with the company. Instead of Kaplan, the foundation Supervision Team member Aaron Keller stepped in as game director, promising Overwatch 2growth “keep up a good rhythm. “

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In a recent interview with GameSpotKeller shared more promising information about the future of the series. According to Keller, Blizzard is working to introduce some “really great features and systems” toward Supervision game live soon. Although he did not delve into the details, Keller said the next updates will be “As big as anything [Blizzard has] built for this game“until now, adding that a”massive“Quantity of resources”in almost all respects“The team has invested in the changes. It did not reveal any ETA for the functions, but it did emphasize that”If only, “the team will have the opportunity to talk about them in the near future.

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Although it is Kaplan who has been strongly associated with Supervision Over the years, it’s understandable that the game progresses without such an important personality on board. After all, developing a great video game is a collective endeavor involving hundreds of professionals. Still, Kaplan will be greatly missed by Supervision fans, mainly due to his open communication with the community, something Keller seems to be pushing forward. The community post and follow-up interview seem to indicate that fans will continue to be informed of the crucial steps in Supervisiongrowth.

Meanwhile, it is good to know the original Supervision still gets attention from the development team, taking into account Overwatch 2 it has probably become the top priority. But it’s been quite a while since the sequel was revealed, and fans haven’t seen any big updates on Overwatch 2production in almost the same time. Blizzard promised earlier this year to deliver Overwatch 2 news in March or April, but has not yet done so. Kaplan’s sudden departure could be the cause of the postponed information.

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