New concept art has been discovered in an old version of the 2007 game adaptation of Spider-Man 3, suggesting that Iron Man was almost a part of it.

New Concept Art for Iron Man found in a 2007 debug release Spider man 3 videogame. This was just before the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvel Studios was already relatively knee-deep in the first Iron Man movie, while at the same time Sony’s Spider-Man movies were actively independent and disconnected. That said, a new discovery suggests that Iron Man was once planned to be part of Spider man 3game of.

Spider-Man is a key character in Marvel, especially now, but previously the character was largely in a closed universe in the movie. Although Doctor Strange was named fallen in Spider man 2, references in Sam Raimi films were kept to a minimum and did not recognize other films as X Men Y Fantastic four. That said, there was a possibility that the Spider man 3 The game would have expanded Sam Raimi’s corner of the Marvel universe in a big way.

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A passing fan Allosaur Hell on Twitter concept art for a rather strange looking Iron Man in the archives of a debug version of Spider man 3. Whether or not it was intended for film adaptation has been debated as there is also a debug version of Spider man 3 which was dated almost a month after its launch featuring some missions and assets that clearly resemble Shadow network. The latter was released a year and a half later and featured characters like Wolverine. Spider-Man now exists within a world with the Avengers, thanks to Insomniac Games, but it used to be a bit more ambiguous for legal reasons.

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It is possible that some version of Iron Man appeared alongside Tobey Maguire’s virtual counterpart, as there is also dialogue cut from Spider man 3 where Peter Parker’s version of Maguire mentions other characters like Captain America. However, since this debugging is a mix of two games, it’s hard to say for sure. Activision, the former publisher of the Spider-Man games, had the rights to Iron Man but lost them to Sega around the time of Spider-man 3 development, probably to prepare for MCU-linked games.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting look at what might have been when Iron Man was about to become an overnight sensation. Given that Spider-Man now coexists with the Avengers in two different game universes and the movies, it’s crazy to consider that Tobey Maguire could have interacted with other Marvel heroes at some point, even if he wasn’t on the big screen. The former web director is rumored to reprise his role later this year at Spider-Man: No Way Home, but nothing has been confirmed and it is unknown if other Marvel heroes will appear.

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Fountain: Allosaurus Hell / Twitter

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