Multiple possible future timelines have suggested that Dani Cage is the future of the Avengers, capable of becoming Captain America or even Thor.

The concept of Captain America as an identity used to inspire the people of the Marvel Universe has spread beyond the original holder of the mantle. In Marvel’s main universe, various people have used the title for better and for worse, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe just introduced Sam Wilson as the new torchbearer in the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

But in many possible futures of the Marvel Universe, there is one consistent (and impressive) figure who seems almost destined to take up the mantle and become leader of the Avengers: Dani Cage, the daughter of two major New York City heroes. How has Marvel teased that this young woman will one day become a prominent member of the Avengers?

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Danielle Cage is the daughter of New York City heroes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. After romantically surrounding himself in Alias, the couple began a formal relationship upon discovering that she was pregnant. The two have slowly become one of the most prominent heroic couples in the Marvel Universe, and Danielle is still a child today. However, potential futures that have been teased for the Marvel Universe suggest a remarkably bright future for the young woman, with many alternate versions of Dani’s universe taunting them to eventually take on the mantle of Captain America.

Perhaps the most prominent is the version of Danielle that comes from the reality show known as Year 20XX. A reality in which half the superhero population fell in battle against an empowered Thanos, Dani rose to take her parents’ place in the world as a heroic figure. He donned the Captain America costume and gained his own version of the classic shield (as the original had been lost in the battle against Thanos). Working alongside a future incarnation of the Avengers known as the AVENGERS Initiative, and working heavily under Madame Natasha, the Black Widow version of her world, Dani became a trusted incarnation of Captain America.

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This version of Dani has interacted with the Marvel Universe core version of the Avengers, battling a team of time-displaced heroes in Avengers: Ultron Forever and travel to the past in an attempt to alter it in Avengers. On these occasions, it becomes clear that Dani has not only taken up the mantle of inspiration that comes with being Captain America, but has also become a trusted and recognized field leader of his band of heroes. Still, this is not the only version of Dani Cage that has been shown to grow up to become Captain America. The 20XX version of Dani revealed to the heroes of Earth-616 that she had encountered other multi-universal versions of herself over the years, all of which took up the mantle of Captain America in some form, suggesting that Dani will become a major hero. almost its final destination.

This extends to other alternative futures envisioned in Invincible Squirrel Girl, besides that Dani is one of the heroes captured by Doom and finally released in the reality show presented in “Old Woman Laura”. She also appeared as a future heroine recently visited by Captain Marvel. Even in the bleak reality of the wasteland that housed Old Man Logan, Dani was a hero. In that reality, a coalition of villains came together and ambushed the superheroes en masse, wiping out most of the heroes in one fell swoop and ushering in a brutal and chaotic era. In this possible future, Dani continued to be a beacon of hope, fighting alongside the rest of the Wasteland Avengers and even ultimately proved worthy enough to reclaim the fallen. Thor’s Mjolnir, transforming her into the new God of Thunder in this reality.

Even as Thor, Dani remembers elements of Captain America, including her innate nobility that makes her (like Steve Rogers before her) worthy to lift the hammer. It speaks of her likely destiny to follow in the heroic footsteps of her parents and suggests that even in the core of the Marvel Universe, Dani Cage might one day become a future shield wielder.

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