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The flash is filled with many heartwarming moments that have stuck with fans over the years. This includes weddings, babies, and reconnecting with lost family members. That doesn’t mean all of those moments are happy, just that they’re powerful and emotional. Some poignant moments are about sacrifice and loss, and what drives them.

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However, that is the nature of many superhero stories, particularly in The flash. The personal lives of the various characters are so intertwined with their heroics that it is almost impossible for one not to impact the other.

9 Joe West takes a young Barry

The Flash Joe West

It’s amazing how many superhero origin stories begin with an act of terror followed by an act of kindness. This can be seen in the origins of Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and many more. And it’s also true for Barry Allen in The flash.

Barry’s mother was murdered when he was very young and his father was framed for the crime. This left the young man without a family or a home. Joe West’s inspiring decision to accept Barry helped make him the hero he became.

8 Jay Garrick arrives

Jay Garrick The Flash

Every time comic book fans find out that a new TV series or comic book movie is coming out, they start making a list of characters they hope to see. That has certainly been true in the case of The flash, being a big Jay Garrick.

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The original DC speedster has become a mentor to everyone else like him, including Barry Allen. His first appearance in The flash It was highly anticipated, and having John Wesley Shipp play the iconic character only added layers to the moment.

7 Henry Allen gets out of jail

Speaking of John Wesley Shipp, the actor, who played Barry Allen, in the 1990s live action series, his time in The flash It began with the role of this Barry’s wrongfully imprisoned father, Henry Allen. It was a smart casting move as she played the role to perfection.

After Eobard Thawne confessed to murdering Barry’s mother in season 1, Henry was finally released from prison. It was a great moment for the series, one that absolutely touched the heartstrings of everyone who watched.

6 Thomas Snow is found alive

Flash Thomas' Snow Icicle

Caitlin Snow’s descent to become the supervillain, known as Killer Frost, was almost inevitable. But like her comic book counterpart, this Killer Frost walked the line between good and evil quite effectively.

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For a long time, Caitlin believed her father was dead. Team Flash finally tracked down Thomas Snow, reuniting father and daughter in a heartwarming moment. With that said, the moment quickly turned cold when it was revealed that Thomas was a villain named Icicle.

5 Joe and Cecile’s relationship

The end of Joe’s first marriage was extremely difficult for both him and his daughter Iris, as Francine’s departure was seen to affect the future relationships they established. However, Joe’s trust issues were seen to gradually improve when he met District Attorney Cecile Horton.

Little by little, the two fell in love after working together on various cases. The two were eventually seen moving in together and announcing that they were expecting a baby. For many fans, their relationship showed several beautiful and moving moments as it gradually saw Joe open up again to the prospect of love.

4 Wally is welcome to the family

The Flash and Wally West in season 6

After Iris’s mother left, there was a long hope that she would return. He finally did it many years later, long after Iris grew up and carried on. But his mother appeared with two big surprises.

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The first was that he was dying. The second was that she was pregnant when she left and that she secretly had Joe’s son Wally West. While it took some work from both sides, Wally eventually became part of the West family forever.

3 Harrison Wells keeps coming back

Harrison Wells Arrowverse

Season 1 introduced fans to a new character named Harrison Wells. As the owner and operator of STAR Labs, he was a key part in helping Barry resolve his new normal. Unfortunately, the real Wells had been dead for a long time and it turned out to be Eobard Thawne in disguise.

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Considering that nothing is that simple in any comic book-related property, Thawne was assassinated at the end of season 1. Unexpectedly, a new Wells from another reality joined Team Flash. This has become a tradition every season, one that fans incredibly enjoy.

two Eddie makes the ultimate sacrifice

Not all heartwarming moments are families making up or people having babies. Some of these moments are sad in one sense while inspiring in others. Eddie Thawne’s brutal choice was one of them.

Eddie was Joe’s partner and had a crush on Iris. He was also the ancestor of Eobard Thawne. Eddie realized that the only way to eliminate Eobard’s threat was to sacrifice himself, preventing it from existing at all. It was a noble action, done out of love for her friends, particularly Iris.

1 Barry and Iris get married

The road to marriage for Barry and Iris was complicated to say the least. It was difficult for them to transition from longtime friends raised in the same household to being romantically involved, but they succeeded.

Without a doubt, their marriage in season 4 is the most poignant moment in the series because their love for each other is grounded in the central story. This was something that fans of the series had been waiting for for years.

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