The simpsons movie He was under a lot of pressure, considering the popularity of the show, and for the most part, he did a good job. He tried to bring in the same style of humor that the series has done, however, like the show, there are certain parts of the movie that may have been deemed appropriate at the time, but are no longer seen that way.

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There are a lot of jokes throughout the series that just haven’t aged well, and that’s the case with the movie as well. There are specific scenes or quotes that won’t make you laugh when viewed repeatedly and instead will make your audience cringe when you watch. Fortunately, there are a lot of jokes that hold up well too, and that balances that out, ensuring that the movie remains fun to watch.

10 I have not aged well: an inappropriate sentence

The Simpsons movie in church

At the beginning of the movie, the Simpson family is shown in the church, which is where Grandpa Simpson makes his big spiel. However, at first, Reverend Lovejoy calls everyone, saying he wants their help and, to no surprise, Ned Flanders is the first to raise his hand.

He says he needs to confess something, and this is where Homer ends up bringing a poor joke. He can be heard silently praying that Ned’s confession is that he is gay. It’s something that doesn’t hold up, as jokes about sexuality are never funny and it doesn’t make Homer seem like the hero character he should be.

9 Still Holds: Homer at the Movies

Itches and itches in the Simpsons movie

The movie opens with a great joke that thankfully still sticks to this day, with the wink and fourth-wall-breaking moment working well. The movie begins with The Simpsons in the theater, watching an Itchy & Scratchy movie.

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Homer stands up and jokes about how he could be watching this at home for free, which is obviously a nod to the fact that people could have done the same with this movie. He tells everyone that they are stupid and that leads to a solid joke to start things off.

8 I have not aged well: healer

Healer woman in the Simpsons movie

Another joke that has not been kept is the physical comedy that accompanies the character, Medicine Woman. Homer knows her as ‘Boob Lady’, and by that nickname, it’s clear what kind of comedy the movie is trying to push with her.

The size of her boobs is something Homer points out many times, and it is something that ends up being used to point the direction that Homer should walk while swaying in the wind. It’s objectifying and it’s not a good look for the movie at all.

7 Still Holds Up: Animals Get R-Rated Visualization

Homer and Marge kiss with animals watching

A scene that still remains focuses on Homer and Marge when they are alone in the cabin. They clearly want to get romantic, and the writers play smartly with animated children’s movies, with animals appearing randomly as they strip the two of them.

It’s meant to be a sweet scene like a classic family animation movie, until Homer and Marge get into bed. While it is not seen, it is obvious what is happening, and seeing the horrified reactions of the animals is a funny joke that adults will appreciate.

6 I have not aged well: a paraplegic

Homer and Bart on the roof in the Simpsons movie

Ned Flanders always worries, and that often leads to some funny moments, but when he’s worried about Bart and Homer’s behavior on the roof in this movie, it leads to a nasty comment. Bart is hanging from the gutters when Homer starts shaking him, and Ned panics that Bart might fall to the ground.

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The joke is supposed to be on the fact that Bart and Homer don’t care, but when Ned asks if Bart falls that he could become a “paraplegic” it’s a joke that just doesn’t land and feels bad.

5 Still holds: the appearance of Green Day

Green Day is shown within this movie, playing a concert for Springfield in the beginning, and everything about her appearance is hilarious. The group singing the classic Simpsons theme song is great, and the lyrics repeated on the floor cam is a fun moment.

They mock themselves for their notoriously long concerts, and when the citizens of Springfield turn on them for wanting to talk about the environment, they can give a funny nod to Titanic also, which still stands.

4 I haven’t aged well: Ralph likes men

Ralph wiggum

One of the most memorable scenes in The simpsons movie is when Bart accepts a challenge from his father and skates from his house to Krusty Burger. It’s a great scene overall and sees some funny moments happen with her dignity being elegantly covered in different ways.

This is a funny moment until Bart walks past Ralph Wiggum, who proclaims that he likes men now after seeing him naked. It’s another sexuality joke that hasn’t aged well, and actually hurts the movie more than anything.

3 Still Holds: Spider-Pig

Homer Simpson with Spider-Pig in the Simpsons movie

One of the funniest parts of The simpsons movie At that time it was the pig that Homer decides to take home with him. There are a lot of fun moments with the character, from making him make impressions of himself and Marge to climbing up the roof with him.

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However, it’s when Homer names the pig after different movie characters that it really makes it a lot of fun. First, there’s Spider-Pig, and then he turns into Harry Plopper, both of which are still fun times.

two I haven’t aged well: Code Black

The Simpsons Movie Code Black Scene

Of all the jokes in the movie, the one that really hasn’t been delayed takes place when Code Black is announced regarding the lake. It is determined that no one can throw anything in the water, and the law is called Code Black, leading to a terrible comment from Lenny.

He responds by saying that it is the worst of all colors, and then Carl is shown next to him, where Lenny says he is not offended as Carl says that people say it all the time. While Lenny claims he doesn’t mean the offense is obviously made to cover their backs, it’s a clear attempt to make a joke of racism, and it doesn’t age well at all.

1 Still hangs: “Drop the damn bomb”

Marge yells at Homer and Bart in the Simpsons movie

At the end of the movie, Bart and Homer reconcile in a moment that is supposed to be sweet and cuddly. However, as they talk to each other they forget that they are actually climbing the dome to drop the bomb, or else they will all die.

This leads to Marge breaking the moment by screaming. “Somebody drop the damn bomb” which is a hilarious line in the tense moment that breaks everything and reminds them of the task at hand.

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