If the heroes of the Arrowverse faced the Terminator, who would bring down the machine, who would escape, and who would lose?

When someone says “superhero”, most people tend to think of people with real special powers. However, that is not always the case. Many times, people who wear capes and masks do not have special powers. Despite that, they manage to fight their enemies and emerge victorious. But that could easily change if they faced the Terminator.

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Even the heroes of the Arrowverse couldn’t always always deal with the Terminator. As an unstoppable killing machine, the Terminator doesn’t have many weaknesses that would help defeat him. As a result, only a few Arrowverse superheroes managed to survive their encounter with the Terminator … but who?

10 Would Survive: Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter dressed as Hank Henshaw with red eyes

Martian Manhunter doesn’t have as much screen time as he deserves in the Arrowverse. This is why it is so easy to forget how powerful he really is. Like Supergirl and Superman, she can fly, so she can escape the Terminator in this way. He can also shapeshift and has great strength, so if he were to go head-to-head with the Terminator, he would have a shot at defeating the machine.

9 Would be eliminated: Thea Queen

Before Thea began combat training with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, she had no idea how to fight. That would put her at a distinct disadvantage to the Terminator unless someone is around to protect her. But even after training with Merlyn, Thea’s combat skills were still not on the same level as many other superheroes, including her own brother. Thea would fight bravely, but in the end, the Terminator would win.

8 Would Survive: Citizen Steel

Citizen Steel at DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Nate Heywood rarely uses his special powers in the Arrowverse. However, they would serve him well in the fight against the Terminator. If the Terminator tries to hurt Nate, his power to turn to steel will protect him against hit or shot. That would give Nate plenty of time to escape and find a better way to defeat the Terminator.

7 Would be terminated: Team Arrow

Team Arrow Diggle Renee Dinah

It’s hard to admit, but almost all of Team Arrow would be fired unless they worked together to find a way to stop the Terminator. But even then, it is doubtful that they will all survive. Dinah, Laurel, Rene, and John have no special powers.

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In the end, the one most likely to survive would be Rory Reagan, as the rags he wears made him capable of withstanding even the blast from a nuclear blast.

6 Would Survive: The Flash

Unless the Terminator catches up with Barry when he’s out of speed or figures out a way to take Barry’s speed down, it should be enough for Barry to survive. A Terminator is fast, but Flash is much faster as he can break the speed of light. And even if the Terminator manages to hurt Barry, its accelerated healing factor would ensure that the injury won’t last that long.

5 Would be fired: Mick Rory

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Promotion Mick Rory and Stargirl

Mick Rory is a strong man who is not afraid to hit his opponents. You can easily knock out human combatants or use your firearm against them. However, it is questionable how effective the firearm would be against a Terminator; in the movies, the Terminator was able to survive even an explosion. So while Mick does well against weaker foes, he couldn’t escape the Terminator forever.

4 Would Survive: Superman + Supergirl

Superman and Supergirl are together

Both Superman and Supergirl have very similar powers. They are hard to hurt, they are fast, strong, heal fast, they can burn their enemies with their laser eyes, they can fly and the list goes on.

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Terminator has an impressive skill set, but he cannot fly. Even if Superman and Supergirl can’t defeat him on their first try, they can fly, recover, and come up with a different plan.

3 Would be terminated: Cecile Horton

Cecile didn’t always have special powers; that changed when she got pregnant and she gained the ability to read minds. Even after giving birth, Cecile kept her powers, except that she is now able to feel and influence emotions. That sounds like a useful trick, but it wouldn’t do Cecile any good since her powers don’t work on machines. And since she has no fighting experience and is smaller than other heroes, the Terminator could kill her.

two Would Survive: Charlie

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie Constantine

Charlie might prefer not to use his powers to manipulate others, but that doesn’t mean he’s not one of the most powerful beings in the Arrowverse. As one of the three destinies, Charlie is the most immortal thing there is. If her powers work on the Terminator as well, she can change the Terminator’s fate and make sure that he no longer haunts her. She could also change her appearance (before John Constantine took away this power from her), which would also help her evade the killing machine.

1 Would be fired: Sara Lance

Sara Lance Black Canary - Women Heroes of Arrow

Sara is a formidable opponent, one of the best fighters in the Arrowverse. Unfortunately for her, she has no special powers (if you don’t count the brief period in which she was blind but could see into the future). Sara has died multiple times in the Arrowverse, and since Thea was able to kill her by shooting her with three arrows, the Terminator would figure out a way to get rid of Sara as well.

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