X-Man fan favorite Rogue may be one of Marvel’s most famous mutants, but her time leading an Avengers team proved what she can really do.

The rogue X-Men is known for her no-nonsense demeanor, power-draining abilities, and her on-and-off relationship with the Cajun heartthrob Gambit. But Rogue, like her teammate Wolverine, has also been involved in a variety of superhero teams over the years, sometimes even leading them. In fact, Rogue might be one of the most underrated leaders the Avengers have ever had.

In the wake of Avengers vs. X-Men, Rogue became the leader of the Avengers Unit Division in Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman. Amazing avengers. On that outreach-focused team, Rogue was a field commander leading a roster of human heroes like Wasp, Deadpool, and Doctor Voodoo, mutants like Cable, and Inhumans like Synapse.

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As the field commander of the Avengers Unit Division, better known to readers as the Uncanny Avengers, Rogue leads a roster of humans (Doctor Voodoo, Wasp), mutants (Deadpool, Quicksilver, Cable), and Inhumans (Johnny Storm). , Synapse) under the supervision of Steve Rogers.

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The Avengers Unity Division represented the three main races of human superheroes and brought them together for the good of all humanity. Since she was already part of the Unit Division, Rogue’s appointment as leader was in part to show peace between mutants and inhumans after Terrigen Mist poisoned a large portion of the mutant population.

Under Rogue’s leadership, the Unity Squad took on many traditional Avengers villains, as well as several new ones. Cable traveled back in time to avoid a threat that would end the world in The Shredded Man. The team took down an Ultron-infested Hank Pym and the Hand attempted to revive a dead Hulk. Red Skull, who had taken over the body and psychic powers of Charles Xavier, was the most dangerous threat they faced. Deadpool used Magneto’s helmet to save a mind-controlled rogue and take down the Red Skull.

After the events of Second Civil War, Rogue and Cable teamed up with Toad and Sebastian Shaw in an attempt to find a cure for the Terrigen poisoning that plagued Rogue and many other mutants. Unfortunately, Captain America viewed Rogue’s actions as treason and officially disbanded the Unit Division. Rogue didn’t see it that way, and under her strong leadership, the team stayed together for a while longer, eventually parting ways after Synapse was injured in a clash with Juggernaut.

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Since she doesn’t typically seek leadership roles, Rogue’s leadership is an underrated talent, but she remains a prime example of what it takes to be a true leader in a world of gods and heroes.

Rogue’s greatest strength as a leader is that she has spent time on both sides of the fight, having been both a hero and a villain and having been praised and hunted as a mutant. Her experiences have given Rogue the mental strength to overcome challenging times and the compassion to understand her allies and enemies. This quality makes her remarkably human. She is not a model of virtue that breaks as soon as they are not perfect. You have flaws, you acknowledge your mistakes, and you strive to be better every day.

Rogue holds up a photo of the Uncanny Avengers family.

As the leader of the Unity Squad, Rogue stood up and fought for the mutants because it was the right thing to do, even if it meant working with known criminals and going against Captain America’s wishes. She unified her team and inspired them to believe in themselves and their goodness, including Deadpool. That confidence made the Avengers willing to follow her even after being disbanded because they believed in what everyone was doing. Rogue even testified about rehabilitating Shocker in court because she saw that the Spider-Man villain could be more than just another incarcerated thug. And he did all of this while fighting a poison that was destroying his body.

Rogue proved she was a great leader when she asked Beast to remove Xavier’s brain from the Red Skull and had the Human Torch incinerate it. She showed her determination to protect her team by capturing the Red Skull rather than allowing Deadpool to kill him. He didn’t want Deadpool to continue the path he had followed before joining the Avengers. Rogue also knew that no one could be trusted with Xavier’s brain and that there was no way to truly protect the remains. There was always the possibility that such a weapon could be used against them, so it destroyed the brain. This choice showed that he wanted to do the right thing for someone he loved even though he had passed away.

It’s not underestimating her powers that makes Rogue an unlikely leader, but underestimating her courage and willingness to do the right thing.

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