The black crime comic Sin City, one of Frank Miller’s most popular works, will receive a deluxe collection for its 30th anniversary, starting this fall.

Frank Miller’s classic crime comic, Sin City, you are receiving a special 30th anniversary print.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the launch comes as a celebration for the historic anniversary. A new wraparound cover and gallery of pin-up art by Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Klaus Janson, Paul Pope, Philip Tan and Gerardo Zaffino will be featured in the paperback editions.

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Mike Richardson, founder of Dark Horse, spoke on the subject. “Frank Miller’s association with Dark Horse has flourished for more than thirty years,” Richardson said. “The original publication of Sin City It was a watershed moment for our company, and we are very happy to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a new edition. Readers will find that Sin City It is as powerful today as it was the day it was first released, exactly what you would expect from one of the master comic creators. “

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The anthology series began with “The Hard Goodbye,” published by Dark Horse in 1991, and continued through 2000. It followed an ex-con as he searched for the killer of a woman he spent the night with. Miller was able to transfer the series to the big screen in 2005, co-directing the Sin City film with Robert Rodríguez. The film received massive praise and even inspired a 2014 sequel, Sin City: a lady to kill for.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye It will be available in comic book stores on September 29 and in bookstores on October 12. The rest of the series will be released in the following months.

Frank Miller’s Sin City The series is currently available online through Dark Horse and in stores.

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Fountain: The Hollywood Reporter

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