How I Met Your Mother was popular, but definitely not perfect … these are the lessons the next spin-off must learn.

How i met your mother it’s finally getting a spin-off, as How i met your father is officially in process. With Hilary Duff at the helm, the new take on the sitcom will be a disjointed series, with the same format and a gender-swapped main character, but fans are still not quite sure how to feel about the project.

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While the original series was very popular, the ending became one of the most controversial in sitcom history, so much so that an alternate ending was released with the DVD. Years after the show ended, fans are still frustrated with some aspects of it, and this might leave too bad taste to really love a new spinoff. However, How i met your father you have a chance to learn from the mistakes of the original and potentially become something even better.

10 Not giving the ‘mother’ enough screen time

How I Met Your Mother Tracy Song Ted and Robin

In this case, he would be the titular father, of course, but the original show was widely criticized for not giving the real ‘mother’ (Tracy) enough screen time. She appeared alone at the end, and was then quickly killed in flash-forwards so Ted and Robin could get back together. The new show should make an effort to include ‘father’ in a more meaningful way, whether it’s making room for more of their relationship on screen, or even showing both characters’ journeys as they journey back to the moment they meet.

9 A character like Barney

Barney holding up the brother code

Barney can be a funny character (and often one of the show’s highlights), but he’s also deeply troublesome in the way he treats women. It’s been theorized that he’s actually not as over the top and misogynistic as he sounds, but that Ted is showing him as an evil cartoon because Ted is an unreliable storyteller and Barney is his rival, but even with that caveat, his demeanor just isn’t. . not well. The new series should make sure its characters are more realistic and less troublesome.

8 An unpleasant main character

Ted Mosby quotes how I met your mother

One of the biggest problems with the show is that it’s actually quite difficult to please Ted as a character. He is pretentious, whiny, self-absorbed and obsessed with finding “the one”.

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Fans were definitely watching his friends, not him, and hopefully Hilary Duff’s new main character will be significantly more likable.

7 Perspective on how to tell the story to future children

Often it seemed as if How i met your mother He forgot his main trick: that the whole story must be told by Ted to his children. He sometimes referred to this in the narration, mostly referring to marijuana as “sandwiches,” but he often told wildly inappropriate stories about sex and drunkenness. It’s a great format for a show, but maybe the new series should age the ‘kids’ a bit, make future Hilary tell the story to her twenty-somethings as they go about their own independent lives, rather than chatting. . To teenagers of that time, Dad competed with Uncle Barney for a threesome ‘belt’.

6 Unrealistic finances

barney robin's favorite things at work

This is usually a problem with sitcoms, and it’s definitely something the new series should address. Throughout the show, the gang appears to have limitless finances (especially Barney, who is incredibly wealthy), and while the occasional story references debt, it doesn’t seem particularly relatable. For example, when Marshall and Lily look to buy property in Manhattan in their 20s, they struggle with a high interest rate thanks to Lily’s credit card debt. But the concept of a kindergarten teacher and a man who has just finished law school and who buys a big, beautiful apartment in New York in his 20s is far from realistic.

5 Plot holes and planning

At this point, it is clear that the public is going to notice each of the holes in the plot of a series and, nevertheless, How i met your mother he had a surprising number of them. Mismatched dates, facts that contradict previous stories, and other issues become immediately obvious to devoted fans.

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Hopefully, a new series can work to ensure that the most basic things, like birthdays, are vague or accurate.

4 Physical violence played out by laughter

how i met your mother slap bet

Of the many jokes in the series, one of the most disturbing is the constant violence. At one point, Robin’s therapist boyfriend even mentions how dysfunctional the group is and brings up violence, leading to a video of all the times the gang literally attacks each other (or other people). Some manage to be funny, sure. But hopefully the new series can create humor without having to resort to more slap-bets.

3 Lack of diversity

A picture of Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother

Another area where the show has been widely criticized is in diversity. Each of the five main characters is a straight white character (although it is implied, but never stated, that Lily may be bi). Most of their relationships, friends and colleagues are equally devoid of any minority representation (although there are some exceptions, such as Patricia and Barney’s brother James). Hopefully the new series can do better.

two Boredom with Will-They, Won’t-They

In the center of How i met your mother It’s the ‘they will, they won’t’ relationship between Ted and Robin, but audiences are no longer excited about love triangles and couples who reconcile and break up every season or two. Lily and Marshall were the couple that became the real star of the show, and they were together from the beginning (with a break up along the way). Hopefully, the new series can portray modern dating without the main characters repeatedly reverting to the same relationships.

1 Dragging things

At the end of How i met your mother, many fans felt that the series had started to drag things out and that the pace made the final season exhausting to watch. The entire final season was focused on a wedding, and it just didn’t have the energy of the previous seasons. The new series can definitely learn from this and make sure things keep moving forward, and that a wedding (that doesn’t even last!) Doesn’t take over an entire season of the show.

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