According to online player posts, a new bug has appeared in League of Legends, and player skin selections are not being selected in matches.

A new League of Legends The client-side bug is popping up on social media, with players reporting that the skins they choose before the game are not being used when they are uploaded in the match. This bug appears to be due to a recent patch made by Riot to the game last week.

League of Legends is one of the largest MOBAs in the world, which are multiplayer online battle arena games where teams of players face each other in an attempt to destroy each other’s base. League of Legends You currently have over 150 champions to choose from, all with various themed skins and emotes to purchase. Players can purchase champion skins at League of Legends to show off in the game. Some skins are quite expensive and can be used to flex a player’s status as a fan of a particular champion.

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A post about the League of Legends subreddit on Reddit per user Paperbagfham has confirmed a bug in the game’s PC client, where a champion skin selected in the pre-game lobby on the client was not loaded when the player entered the game. The test was shown on a Twitch recording, with the clip capturing the entire process from champion selection, skin selection, loading into the match, and then the moment the streamer realizes that the skin they are wearing. They selected was not chosen, but another completely. The wrong skin was even displayed on the loading screen, like League of Legends has unique loading portraits for each champion skin on the pre-game screen.

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Online reports of this bug only seem to go back a few days, after the recent patch that was released on April 28. This patch nerfed a ton of characters and balanced out a few weaker ones. Some elements were also modified in the League of Legends patch, keeping Riot’s goal of mixing the meta every few weeks. This patch included several new skins added to the game and the store, but this is nothing new. Skins are often added in patches, so it is unknown why this particular patch appears to have caused this bug to affect players.

Riot has yet to address the bug or publicly acknowledge the issue in any way. While players have been asking for a random skin option in League of Legends game for some time, this was certainly not what they intended. Hopefully, Riot will see fans posting about him. League of Legends error online and have a solution soon enough.

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Fountain: Paperbagfham / Reddit

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