The second Rick and Morty season 5 trailer teases more members of the Smith family as Voltron takes on a city-busting kaiju (and there are cyberpunk birds).

The second Rick and morty The season 5 trailer shows more members of the Smith family as Voltron takes on a kaiju that destroys the city. Fans of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s massively popular and occasionally controversial adult animated sci-fi series Adult Swim have gotten used to waiting painfully long periods of time between seasons.

But in 2021 Rick and morty Fans were especially surprised when it was revealed that, for once, the latest batch of episodes will arrive relatively quickly. In fact, the release date of Rick and morty Season 5 was recently revealed in June, which is just over a year since season 4 ended. Clearly, the closing of the pandemic gave Harmon and Roiland plenty of time to work on new material. In fact, both Rick and morty Meanwhile, the creators have launched new shows. Roiland is on season 2 of his Hulu show. Solar opposites while Harmon is working on a new animation show for Fox that is set in ancient Greece.

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With season 5 of Rick and morty approaching much faster than anyone would have expected, Swimming for adults has released a new trailer that shows a bit more of what is scheduled to happen when the show returns. Vampire Weekend provides the soundtrack for the clip which can be seen in the space below:

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Rick and morty It is, of course, a show that is famous for its forays into very dark humor, but the darkness seems to be somewhat marked in the new trailer, which takes on a slightly upbeat tone thanks in large part to the music. Does this mean that season 5 will also be less dark than previous seasons? It’s interesting to note that, in the new trailer, Rick is seen openly congratulating his family on looking great, something that might seem out of place to the infinitely misanthropic mad genius, who normally has nothing good to say about anyone (especially Jerry ). However, not everyone will be happy in Rick’s life, as it has already been said that season 5 sees him getting a new nemesis named Mr. Nimbus, who is actually a former nemesis. At one point in the new clip, Rick also undergoes brain surgery, and one can only imagine the events leading up to that particular gruesome event. On the brighter side, things may be looking up for Morty’s love life, as the new clip shows him on an affair with his longtime crush Jessica (though there also appears to be a new love interest in Morty’s life. ).

Rick and morty obviously loves delving into pop culture related topics while exploring its various wacky characters. Season 5 will clearly be no different, as the new trailer again shows an adventure that pays homage to the classic television show. Voltron. There are also cyberpunk birds, because in Rick’s own words, everyone always “goes cyberpunk birds. “As Beth says at one point in the clip, there is”no time to unpack this. ” But Rick and morty Fans have plenty of time to unpack the newest trailer as they await the arrival of Season 5 on June 20, 2021.

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