There are many amazing Pokémon throughout the franchise. At this point, it’s hard for me to like just a few because there are so many good options to choose from. It’s also safe to say that there are some Pokémon that are less appreciated. Usually this is because they look weak, have forgettable designs, or aren’t strong Pokémon.

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Either way, it is important not to underestimate any Pokémon. Just because a Pokémon starts out weak doesn’t mean it will stay that way. This is especially true when you factor in evolution, which has often transformed some of the worst Pokémon into some of the best. It is truly gratifying to see these Pokémon become the best they can be and get the shine they deserve!

10 Toxel in toxicity

Pokemon Sword and Shield Toxel Line

The baby Pokémon, Toxel, is delivered to the player by the Pokémon Breeder on Route 5 of Sword and shield. Like most baby Pokémon, Toxel is not very strong. Its design is also a bit strange, since it looks like it is wearing a diaper.

Toxel is worth using as it eventually evolves into Toxtricity. Regardless of whether the player gets Amped Up or Low Key, this Pokémon is great. He learns several good moves that fit his Electric / Poison-type type, and his Punk Rock ability allows his sound-based moves to do additional damage.

9 Trapinch on Flygon

Trapinch is a strange Pokémon. Its design is somewhat interesting, but also a bit unpleasant at the same time. It’s an acceptable Pokémon, but it doesn’t turn heads compared to some of the other Generation III Pokémon.

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Trapinch eventually evolves into Vibrava, and then Vibrava evolves into Flygon. He is a Ground / Dragon-type that is immune to Ground-type attacks and has good moves like Earthquake and Dragon Claw. Also, its design as a combination between a dragonfly and a dragon looks much better than its original form.

8 Wimpod on Golosipod

Wimpod doesn’t make a good impression considering the word “wimp” is in his name. There’s not much about this Pokémon that portends inspiration, and its combat prowess can be frustrating. He even has a signature ability called “Wimp Out” that causes him to slip away if he has less than half his HP.

When Wimpod evolves to level 30, it becomes Golosipod. Apart from a more attractive design, this Pokémon is an improvement on all levels. His Attack and Defense stats are strong and he learns good moves like Clearance and X-scissor. While its capacity is essentially the same, it at least has the more respectable name of “Emergency Retreat.”

7 Larvesta Into Volcarona

In general, the types of insects are not very popular. They usually look weak and often end up weak due to a lack of good moves and having a lot of type weaknesses. Also, many types of bugs don’t get much better as they evolve and are likely to disappear completely later in the game.

It’s easy to believe that Larvesta will suffer fate like many of her Bug brothers, but she becomes Volcarona instead. As a Bug / Fire type, this Pokémon is resistant to many different types and in turn can do a lot of damage with its high Special Attack.

6 Feebas in Milotic

Considered an ugly creature within the Pokémon world, Feebas lives a sad life. It comes off as a very generic water-type fish and really has nothing going for it in terms of fighting ability.

When Feebas is in a high beauty condition or is traded with a Prism Scale, it becomes the elegant and beautiful Milotic. Milotic is not only better in appearance, but is also good at fighting him and specializes as a tank Pokémon.

5 Eevee in any of its evolutions

Pokémon GO Eevee Evolutions Leafeon Espeon Vaporeon Umbreon Glaceon Jolteon Flareon

Eevee is absolutely an iconic Pokémon, as its design is very simple yet cute. However, unless the Eevee is of Come on, Eevee!, it’s not really a great Pokémon to use in battle, as it is often weak and doesn’t learn good moves.

But the best thing about Eevee is that it can evolve into 8 different Pokémon, each with a different type. While some of its evolutions are better than others, they are all an improvement in terms of capacity.

4 Farfetch’d Into Sirfetch’d

For a time, Faretch’d was a joking Pokémon. He was most loved for his emotional facial expressions and the leek he carries. However, it wasn’t worth keeping him on a team, as he had low stats and didn’t evolve to anything.

This changed in Generation VIII, as a Galarian Farfetch’d is capable of evolving into the chivalrous Sirfetch’d. He has a confident and majestic look on his face, and he has a giant fugue for a spear and a blade for a shield. Sirfetch’d is also Fighting-type rather than Normal / Flying-type, and has a strong Attack stat.

3 Beldum in Metagross

Beldum doesn’t seem like much when Steven first gives it to players in Mossdeep City. It is also given to the player at the end of the game, which is unfortunate considering it is only level 5.

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Training Beldum is worth it, as he will eventually evolve into Metagross. This Pokémon has pseudo-legendary status, with a base stat of 600. Additionally, Metagross’s type as Steel / Psychic-type also makes it a formidable tank and a good offensive fighter.

two Cosmog in Solgaleo or Lunala

It would be easy for most people to assume that there is not much special about Cosmog. It’s a cute Pokémon, but it has low stats overall with a base stat of 200.

Of course, the fans who have played the Pokemon sun and moon games will know that Cosmog eventually evolves into Cosmeon and then into Psyker / Steel-type Solgaleo or Pyschic / Ghost-type Lunala. They are both powerful Legends with base stats of 680. Not every day a Pokémon can evolve into a Legendary Box Cover, but Cosmog is that special.

1 Magikarp in Gyrados

This glow is probably the best known. Magikarp is easily one of the weakest Pokémon in all games. The only moves he learns are splash, which does nothing, and tackle, which is not very strong. Even the Pokédex entries often criticize Magikarp for being weak, unreliable, and pathetic.

However, with patience, Magikarp turns into a fierce Gyrados. With an attack stat of 125, Gyrados can deal a lot of damage. Its design is also a huge improvement compared to Magikarp. It looks like a terrifying sea snake and is easily one of the coolest Pokemon in Generation I.

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