Joey has collected some insanely cool monsters over the years in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Here are the top 10 examples.

Except for Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba, the strongest and most recognizable duelist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime is Joey Wheeler, a strong character who never really gets the recognition he deserves for his growth throughout the series.

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Joey started out as a rookie before reaching the finals of tournaments like Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, and his deck grew along with him throughout his challenges. As his deck has grown, he has collected some insanely cool monsters over the years. This list is in no particular order.

10 Gilford the Lightning

Gilford the Lightning Card Art from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Gilford the Lightning is easily one of Joey’s coolest monsters. He is an incredibly strong warrior who can wield the power of lightning, what cannot be loved here? Gilford’s incredible power also gives him the ability to take down his opponent’s entire line of monsters, showcasing the sheer power of this creature. Gilford the Lightning really should have been Joey’s ace monster over a few others on this list.

9 Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!

However, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon is Joey’s ace monster, appearing after appearance throughout the anime. Joey originally won Red-Eyes Black Dragon from Rex Raptor during the Duelist Kingdom series arc and continued to use it throughout the show’s various arcs. With its jet black appearance and striking red eyes, this is one dragon you won’t want to mess with. However, he is not the only dragon on the list.

8 The claw of Hermos

Claw of Hermos card art

The Claw of Hermos is the letter that Joey was given to face Dartz and The Seal of Orichalcos during the Waking up the dragons arc of the show, and boy did he save it. He would have lost to Mai in their first match of the season if this card had not appeared in his deck.

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Hermos Claw could merge with Joey’s monsters to create weapons for his other monsters to wield, which was great. Unfortunately, this means that we didn’t see the dragon Hermos too often, because it was too busy merging with other cards.

7 Time assistant

Time Wizard may not necessarily look like the other “cool” monsters on this list, but it hands down the title. While he’s basically useless in the real-life game, he’s an incredibly strong monster in the anime that fits perfectly into Joey’s deck of opportunities, as he can win the duel or lose it quite easily, all depending on the turn of one. letter. This magician has a lot of power in his watch-like hands.

6 Flame Swordsman

Flame Swordsman is another of Joey’s ace monsters, with this card taking on the role of Deck Master for Joey while the group was in Noah’s virtual world. Despite all the anime nonsense that happened with the monster summoning conditions during the anime, Flame Swordsman is still an incredibly cool monster that radiates power. While her outfit may be a bit goofy, she makes up for it with her raw power many times over. That sword? Oof.

5 Jinzo

Jinzo was won by Joey of Espa Roba during the Battle City tournament, and it happened to be one of Joey’s strongest monsters, since it completely deactivates the trap cards of both players, which can be used to make 1/3 of the deck of the opponent completely. worthless.

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Jinzo isn’t exactly a bystander, but when you see his massive presence on the field, he generates an aura that enemies really should stay away from. Jinzo will make you regret it, if not.

4 Cyber ​​Harpy Lady

Yugioh Cyber ​​Harpy

Cyber ​​Harpie Lady is a card that Joey used during the Virtual world arc honoring Mai, who was still trapped in the Shadow Realm after her duel with Marik. Cyber ​​Harpie is a super cool monster, coming pre-equipped with Cyber ​​Shield, making her a stronger pick than the normal Harpie Lady. He can gracefully fly to the other side of the field and take down his enemies with ease.

3 Aura Armor

Valon and Joey face off in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Aura Armor is the card that Joey used to summon his armor cards to counter Valon in his duel. This was absolutely a letter that Joey had prior to this duel, yes sure of course. Obviously. While this duel was incredibly silly to watch, it was a lot of fun, and Joey equipping his own armor to punch Valon in the face a couple of times was a great moment. To be fair, Valon needed to get punched in the face a few more times.

two Gearfried the iron knight

Gearfried the Iron Knight is one of Joey’s most used warrior cards and was the key to his victory against Weevil during the Battle City tournament. While his unleashed form is super cool, Gearfried himself is an amazing monster, using armor to restrain himself from all of his power, which is too much. And that sword-shaped arm is a great touch to show the great power this monster has.

1 Brigadier Of Landstar

Joey and the Landstar Yu-Gi-Oh! Brigadier General

Joey used a bunch of new Landstar cards during the KC Grand Championship and apparently none of them had a massive weapon (censored in the West, of course). It all felt very unnecessary, but look at this guy. He is ready to kill. Give him his credit. He has earned it.

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