In addition to starring in 90 Day Boyfriend, Molly Hopkins is a successful business owner. Molly opened up exclusively about working during the pandemic.

As long as she has found love in 90 days: the single life, reality TV Star Molly Hopkins is also keeping busy with her job as the CEO of Livi Rae Lingerie. Season 5 90 day fiancé star works alongside her best friend and business partner Cynthia Richards at the Georgia-based lingerie store. The two women go out of their way to help other women feel comfortable and secure in their bodies. Molly recently spoke about how they have adapted their store during the pandemic in an exclusive interview.

Before appearing in 90 day fiancé, Molly and Cynthia co-starred Double divas. The reality show featured the two best friends while operating Livi Rae Lingerie. Molly recently spoke about how she would love to have a show with Cynthia one more time. Helping women find confidence and self-acceptance has always been important to the mother of two. Now that Molly has successfully found love with Brooklyn cop Kelly in Single lifePerhaps the 45-year-old will focus on her business side when it comes to her future reality TV projects.

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When it comes to her business, Molly said her passion drives her. “I think if you have a passion for something, that’s all you need. You couldn’t even have a lot of money and start a business.,” she said. “Social interaction with people can definitely get you where you need to be.“While the pandemic has disrupted social interaction, Livi Rae Lingerie found new ways to connect with customers.”I have been looking for a way to reach women all over the world through my virtual fitting service.“Molly explained.”When I was able to be myself, be the one to strip everything and bring Rebecca just for my pictures, it really got us shooting with women from all over the world.“Virtual bra fitting services have now allowed Molly to connect securely with clients around the world.

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Molly said virtual accommodations have now normalized Zoom’s daily calls so that it can connect with customers. “Women are exposing themselves to me in a way that is not sexual or crazy; they feel comfortable and trust me, and I can solve some real problems, from girls to various clients who are in assisted living homes,” she said. “They are the people who only seek comfort in their bras and their breasts. It has definitely been a space in which I have achieved my business and it has been very successful. So i’m happy about it. “Molly has opened up about the importance of women finding comfort and confidence in their bras and bodies.

Fortunately, Molly is still best friends with her partner Cynthia. “We will be together for life,” he confirmed. “Although the two women sometimes disagree, Molly said she loves working with her best friend.”It’s been a great, great journey, and we love each other so much. We’re still very different at times, just because she’s more of a homebody and she’s married.“She said. However, since her best friend is turning into an empty nest this year, Molly added that she might see a change.”We are ready to embark on this next journey and see where it takes us.“he said. Molly and Cynthia’s long-standing friendship has certainly helped their business thrive.

Although Livi Rae Lingerie is very busy, Molly made sure to tell her clients and fans that she works her best to respond to every message. However, sometimes it takes some time to answer all of them. The 45-year-old woman emphasized that she values ​​all her clients and wants to always be there to help and support her colleagues. Her attitude towards empowering women has ultimately made Molly one of the most popular personalities in the world. 90 day fiancé franchise. Molly currently stars 90 days: the single life on Discovery +.

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