New Art imagines what Scott Glenn would look like as a live version of Cecil Stedman from Invincible in another adaptation of the comics.

New art imagines what Scott Glenn would look like as InvincibleCecil. Although the Image Comics series has been adapted and made into a hit animated series on Amazon, fans are also eagerly anticipating the live-action adaptation that is also in development. Not much is known about the live-action version, except that it will be different from the one Invincible animated show. What that means is unclear, but it will surely be as exciting as the streaming website’s debut season, even if it won’t play out the same way.

As much as fans have come to love the actors behind the voices of Invincibleanimated characters, the live-action adaptation will likely bring in a new cast to fill its vast ensemble. Unfortunately, that means that Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, and JK Simmons, who play the Grayson family in the animated series, are unlikely to appear in this version. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from beginning to wonder who could take on the roles of these characters and an artist already has someone in mind for Cecil.

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Bosslogic posted a photo of Glenn as Cecil Stedman, director of the Global Defense Agency. Glenn can be seen with Cecil’s long white mullet-like hair and unique facial scars next to his mouth. Look at the image below:

While it’s not entirely clear when the live-action adaptation will take off, fans don’t have to worry about a lack of content. Invincible It just got renewed for two more seasons on Amazon Prime and creator Robert Kirkman has plans for at least five or seven more seasons. Kirkman isn’t trying to build a cinematic universe either. The Invincible The film will be distinct from its animated counterpart, providing fans with several opportunities to see their favorite characters come to life.

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Cecil Stedman is one of those. As the rude, but formidable head of the GDA, he faced Omni-Man in Invinciblethe first season, investigating the deaths of the Globe Guardians before discovering that it was the Omni-Man himself who slaughtered the team. What role Cecil will play in season 2 remains unclear, but the end of Invincible Season 1 certainly seems to hint that he could have a breakout role, possibly as a villain. Having another ally turn into a villain could devastate Mark Grayson, but it could also give the series another emotional turning point for its titular hero, with Cecil at the center.

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