The Resident Evil Village timed demo has been cracked by PC users to allow gamers to play it as much as they want before the game’s launch.

Long awaited horror game Resident Evil Village Less than a week to go, and Capcom has given fans of all platforms the opportunity to play a snippet of the game for a limited time through a demo. The Resident Evil Village the demo ends after 60 minutes, but of course PC gamers found a way around this and play as long as they wanted.

Resident Evil Village has several demos, but all are timed, both in terms of how long they remain playable and how long players have to complete them. This has caused some controversy among fans, as they prefer to be able to play the demo in their spare time rather than rushing to make sure they get through it in time. It’s nice that Capcom offered so many glimpses of the game, but the way it was done seems to be more frustrating for gamers than enjoyable.

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A PC player adjusted the files from the last Resident Evil Village demo to make sure they can play the demo for more than an hour. Although the demo was intended to be available for 24 hours only, Capcom has expanded the Resident Evil Village demo for one week, giving fans a chance to play until launch. Still, the 60 minute limit is frustrating for some, and the Steam user Leaves (via PCGamesN) revealed how to get around it. To extend the timer on PC, disable Steam Cloud, download Steam SAM, delete local saves, start Steam SAM, start demo, delete achievements and stats, and confirm settings. After that, users can play freely Resident Evil Village demo one more time.

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ESRB Rating for Resident Evil Village

At this point, it may be worth waiting for the game to launch on Friday, but anticipation is high and fans are trying to devour every detail they can. According to rumors, Resident Evil Village It is part of a trilogy and it will probably have a lot of meat in its story since it is the middle chapter. If the demos have already started to roll out what Resident Evil 9 it will look like remains to be seen.

With just a few days until Resident Evil Village, the hype is raging. Fans have waited 5 years for this game, so it’s no wonder they’re trying to absorb as much of it as possible. Console fans will still be stuck with the 60 minute timer, but hopefully, they will still be able to savor it until Friday rolls around.

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