After Liz received intense criticism for her relationship with Big Ed in 90 Day: The Single Life, it appears that the star has spoiled her story on IG.

Liz and Big Ed Brown’s relationship in 90 days: the single life has puzzled fans. But even though they are progressing on the show, Liz appears to have announced their breakup on Instagram. The 28-year-old restaurant waitress has defended her relationship with Ed before, but it seems like she’s had everything she can get out of him. Although she didn’t use the word breakup, her comments on her recent Instagram post suggest that the baffling couple is over.

Although Liz was very resistant to romance at first, Big Ed slowly exhausted her throughout the season and eventually agreed to be his girlfriend. The couple encountered many obstacles, including Big Ed’s critical daughter, critical fans, and a huge age gap, to name a few. But surprisingly, Liz and Ed kept dating outside of the show. He even took it to a co-worker’s wedding as his date. Fans have accused Liz of being an influence hunter, though she has refuted the allegations online.

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If Liz was really chasing influence, it’s clearly not worth it anymore, because her breakup announcement was short and direct. “Although our paths have led us our separate ways, you will always be a great memory! Enjoy the rest of the season !!! “ Liz captioned it Instagram post, adding a broken heart emoji. The post contained a series of photos of her and Ed together, so there is presumably no ill will (at least on her part) regarding the breakup. Ed, however, has yet to post anything about the breakup on his social media.

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Fans were shocked when Liz and Big Ed started dating in the first place because, at first, Ed seemed to annoy Liz and it seemed like she wasn’t interested. So hearing that the couple has separated is not also surprising since no one expected them to last in the first place. Liz didn’t specify why they broke up, but it could have something to do with the fans. Since she started dating Ed, Liz has come under intense criticism and appears to have turned off the comments on her breakup post.

In the post, Liz tells fans to enjoy the rest of the 90 days: the single life season, but they have to when they know how things will turn out. On the other hand, Liz and Ed’s breakup was inevitable. Fans, and even Liz’s own friends, knew it was a bad idea for her to date Ed, and now Liz has presumably come to her senses. Until now, she has been quiet about the reasoning behind the split. But perhaps, after more time, fans will find out the details about what happened between Liz and Big Ed.

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