The Arrowverse pokes fun at the MCU’s Avengers during DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6 premiere, making it their latest Marvel reference.

Warning: SPOILERS for Legends of tomorrow season 6 premiere.

The MCU is referenced once more in the Arrowverse, this time as a hit to the Avengers in the Legends of tomorrow season 6 premiere. Despite being rival companies, the Arrowverse has never shied away from referencing the Marvel Universe on The CW’s many DC television shows. From characters like the Hulk, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Howard the Duck, to the late Marvel legend Stan Lee, The CW characters are obvious fans of the rival brand. What is probably the case is that on Earth-Prime, Marvel is a comic book publisher that led the MCU to be a massive franchise just as it is in the real world.

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However, his last Marvel reference was about Earth’s mightiest heroes and it came from Sara Lance. In the Legends of tomorrow Season 6 premiere, “Ground Control to Sara Lance”, the episode picks up right where they left off last year when White Canary was abducted by aliens. While trapped in the spaceship, Sara and a captured Spartacus fight with another trapped alien, and Sara does all the work while he stares. When Sara calls him, Spartacus tries to ignore him, saying that he would avenge her if she had died. Annoyed with the not-so-invincible Spartacus, whose timeline does not have the Marvel superhero team, Sara trips him up and says that “being an Avenger is stupid”, declaring that a Preventor is more important than being an Avenger.

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If this is Legends of tomorrow To demonstrate Sara’s views on The Avengers, it would suit her pretty well. Ever since they boarded the Waverider, Legends have always tried to prevent the timeline from getting damaged or changed, even if sometimes they are the cause. Hearing Sara explain to Spartacus that she would rather be a Preventor rather than an Avenger seems fitting to her. Almost echoes Tony Stark “The Avengers, not the Pre-Avengers” rant Steve Rogers on Avengers Endgame after it is returned to Earth.

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Dice Legends of tomorrow In a lighter tone, there has to be an episode at some point where the gang delves into their thoughts of Marvel, given how many references there have been in the past. Of all the shows for any cast to participate in a Marvel debate, Legends of tomorrow would fit the bill better, perhaps with an appearance of The flash‘s Cisco Ramon. The fact that the Arrowverse has gone so far as to mention The Avengers in this universe is almost like a comment on the unnecessary rivalry between the Marvel and DC fandoms.

The next best option would be for the MCU to start dropping some references to the DC Universe, be it the Arrowverse or the DCEU. While this is likely not the last Marvel reference to be made by the Arrowverse, it was still appropriate for Legends of tomorrow to be the show that mentions The Avengers for the first time.

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