A new Among Us mod brings the excitement of Godzilla vs. Kong to Polus. One crewmate protects the others as King Kong against a Godzilla imposter.

Some of the newer mods for Among us They have introduced famous pop culture characters and creatures into the game as imposters, including Godzilla and King Kong. Now a new mod pits them against each other in an epic battle, with the lives of the crewmates hanging by a thread. The Godzilla vs. King Kong mod for Among us turns the impostor into the mighty, massive reptile Godzilla, while a crewmate takes on the role of King Kong. King Kong tries to protect the crewmates and make it easier for them to perform their tasks, while Godzilla tries to destroy all the crewmates. If the crewmates finish their tasks, Kong’s final ability is unlocked and he is able to defeat Godzilla and win the game for the crewmates.

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There have been several versions of the Among us Godzilla vs. King Kong created and demonstrated by streamers. Like other mods that introduce roles for both crewmates and imposters, the Godzilla vs. King Kong mod maintains more balanced odds for both crewmates and imposters. Both Godzilla and King Kong are given new abilities in this mod, and these can create exciting new scenarios for crewmates and the Imposter to overcome. Here’s how to play the Godzilla vs. King Kong mod for Among us.

How to play as Godzilla and King Kong in Among Us

A new mod allows the impostor to become Godzilla in Among Us

Godzilla vs. King Kong mod for Among us It is a combination of two separate mods, Godzilla Mod and King Kong mod. Although there are several versions, the most popular was created by @LooKuM / MRE and demonstrated by him, SSundee and his friends. Despite the number of versions that have been adapted, none are currently available for public download. Players can get lucky entering a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players can also try programming a version. It’s also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually code a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

When a crewmate becomes the impostor, Godzilla, in the Among us Mod Godzilla vs. King Kong, they can use several new abilities to sabotage and kill crewmates, including:

  • Shock wave: Godzilla squeals and stuns the crewmates instead, impeding movement for a short time. King Kong can also be affected by this attack. Useful when combined with Acid Pool.
  • ThrowGodzilla picks up a crewmate and pins him to the ground like a soccer ball, killing him and preventing other crewmates from reporting the body.
  • Acid pool: Godzilla can spit out a puddle of mud that burns and kills crewmates.
  • Giant shape– Godzilla grows to a massive size and can see the entire map and target any crewmate.
  • Atomic breath: Only accessible in giant form; Godzilla can fire lightning from his mouth to cut crewmates caught in his path in half.

King Kong picks up a crewmate in Among Us

These are the same abilities that Godzilla has in the Among us Godzilla RPG mod. Imposters will need to activate the Summon Godzilla ability to use any of the above abilities, and they can revert to their typical crewmate sprite using the Impostor button.

Godzilla cannot be removed from the game, but it may be in the best of the impostor to remain hidden for as long as possible anyway. They can use the Impostor button to lie and make sure they are seen pretending to complete tasks, giving them an alibi in meetings.

During a game of Among us with the mod Godzilla vs. King Kong installed, a random crewmate will be assigned the role of King Kong. Unlike Among us King Kong Role mod, where Kong was an antagonistic impostor, this version of King Kong uses his powers for good to help transport crewmates across the map, protect them from some of Godzilla’s most devastating attacks, and help them finish your tasks faster.

King Kong with full map view in Among Us

When a crewmate is assigned the role of King Kong, they receive the following new abilities:

  • Throw: Kong can launch his crewmates across the map to get them to perform their tasks more quickly.
  • JumpKong can jump high in the air to see the entire map and land anywhere the player chooses.
  • Smash: Kong can hit the ground with his fists, leaving Godzilla in place for a few seconds.
  • Pick up / Drop offKong can hold and transport crewmates around the map and drop them off to various tasks or get them out of harm’s way.
  • Axe: This ability only activates after all tasks have been completed and allows King Kong to attack and kill Godzilla with a giant, shiny ax.

Godzilla’s attacks cannot kill King Kong, making him a good shield to protect the other crewmates when Godzilla sends out his atomic breath or creates a pool of acid. Once the crewmates have completed all their tasks, the Ax ability will turn on. King Kong needs to get close enough to Godzilla before he’s done killing all the other crewmates to hit him with the Ax and kill him, winning the game.

Players can watch the Godzilla vs. King Kong Mod in a Among us match in SSundee’s video below:

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Among us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

Adorable plush among us created by an 8-year-old boy

Adorable plush among us created by an 8-year-old boy

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