Now that Criminal Minds is done, this is where you can stream and purchase every episode (including derivatives).

With 15 seasons and several spinoffs (including even a South Korean version and a video game), the CBS police procedural drama Criminal minds he finally completed his career this year. The series primarily revolves around criminal profilers working for the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit. Each episode often focuses on profiling a criminal, known as the suspect (short for unknown subject). Compared to other programs of the genre, Criminal minds it tends to investigate the offender more than the crime itself. The team often draws on these types of behavioral analysis and profiling skills to carry out their research work from Quantico, Virginia, alongside their own struggles. Rather than just being a criminal profiling program, it also delves into the hard life and requirements of crime experts.

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Over the years, the cast of the show has undergone many changes, but Criminal minds he has continued to have a loyal cult following. Actors like Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson have rejuvenated their careers with the show’s 15-season run, while other trendy TV actors like Aisha Tyler have often made recurring appearances. Now that it has finished running, here are some options through which you can stream or purchase the show.

eleven Criminal Minds – Paramount + (US)

  • Criminal Minds is available on Paramount + (15 seasons)

For those planning to start the series over or over again, there are plenty of options online. However, the problem often arises that some platforms may not stream only a few seasons and not the entirety.

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If you’re looking for the full one-time experience, then the ultimate destination should be Paramount +, which is CBS’s streaming platform. Along with the 300+ episodes, the streaming service also provides additional and behind-the-scenes content for Criminal minds.

10 Criminal Minds – Netflix (US)

  • Criminal Minds is available on Netflix (12 seasons)

As for Netflix users, the first 12 seasons are available for streaming. Initially, Netflix always seemed to be keeping up with the making of seasons of Criminal minds available as each season entered the home release cycle, but this suddenly stopped after season 12. After another CBS cult show Hawaii-Five-Osudden removal from Netflix, fans suggest other CBS shows like Criminal minds it could also suffer the same fate.

9 Criminal Minds – DirecTV (US)

  • Criminal Minds is available on DirecTV (7 seasons)

DirecTV limits the range even more than Netflix, with only the first seven seasons appearing to be available for streaming on the American direct-streaming-satellite service provider. There hardly seem to be any plans to add more seasons.

8 Criminal Minds – Hulu (US)

  • Criminal Minds is available on Hulu (3 seasons)

Hulu offers three seasons of Criminal Minds: 13, 15 and 14. Unfortunately, fans who want to start the series from scratch will have to look elsewhere.

7 Criminal minds: where to buy episodes

Alternatively, the series can also be purchased in its entirety through various services. These include Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Vudu, and Google Play. While most of these options cost between $ 23 and $ 25 each season, the cheapest alternative may be Google Play, which offers some of the seasons at prices as low as $ 16.99- $ 19.99.

6 Criminal Minds: Where to Look in Canada

  • Criminal Minds is available on CTV (3 seasons) and Disney + (14 seasons) in Canada

Viewers in Canada can watch Criminal Minds on Disney + CTV with a meager set of three seasons. The first 14 seasons of the show are available for purchase on Apple TV.

5 Criminal minds: where to look in the UK

  • Criminal Minds is available on Disney + and Prime Video in the UK (14 seasons)

As for streaming in Britain, viewers can use Disney + or Amazon Prime, which have 15 seasons of Criminal minds on your platform.

4 Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior – Where to Look in the US

  • Criminal minds: suspicious behavior is available on Hulu (one season)

Criminal minds: suspicious behavior was a short-lived spin-off that aired for only 13 episodes despite an all-star cast that included Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garafalo, and a preConstantine Matt Ryan. Due to extremely low ratings, CBS canceled the show. Despite the series being criticized by both critics and audiences, Criminal minds fans would still want to check it out. For American viewers, the show is available on Hulu for streaming and can be purchased on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

3 Criminal Minds – Suspicious Behavior – Where to Look in Canada / UK

  • Criminal minds: suspicious behavior is available on Disney + in Canada

Viewers in the UK will need to purchase episodes on Apple TV as the show is not available for streaming in the region.

two Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (US)

Gary Sinise in Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

  • Criminal minds: beyond borders only available for purchase in the US.

Criminal minds: beyond borders is another spin-off that was eventually canceled by CBS. However, the program was better received than Suspicious behavior and ran for two seasons before merging with the myths of Criminal minds itself.

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It stars Gary Sinise (from Forrest Gump Y Apollo 13 fame) as the lead alongside actors such as Daniel Henney (Special Agent Matthew Simons), who went on to the regular cast of Criminal minds later. For American audiences, the show can be purchased on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Vudu, Fandango, and Google Play.

1 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Canada / UK)

Daniel Henney in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

  • Criminal minds: beyond borders is available on Disney + in Canada (seasons 1-2)

Canadian viewers can also purchase episodes on Apple TV. In the United Kingdom, Beyond the borders it is only available for purchase on Google Play, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

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